2016 and CrossFit PCR

January 15, 2016 by Ben Spearman

So here we are. 1 year in, the doors are still open, we have members that are crushing it everyday, and somehow, we still have our sanity.

When we opened at the beginning of 2015, we did things a lot differently than we do today. We only had a couple of later evening classes per week. Our Foundations (beginners course) was only run as a class, 2 times a week, and it took a month to complete. We didn’t have any kind of merchandise to offer, and there were no specialty classes, nutrition challenges, or additional opportunities for our members to utilize other resources.

Now we have kid’s classes, Open Gym, Goal setting services, and a monthly nutrition challenge. Last year we had weightlifting, and rowing clinics, and we have a Fascial Stretch Therapist come in and work on our athletes each month.

Our goal is and always will be to help our members become more fit. We do this by following the CrossFit training method – Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at a high intensity. These core concepts allow us to give our members an exciting and productive fitness experience.

We manage our classes following the idea that Technique comes first. Next, we develop Consistency in our athletes. Then we can increase the Intensity. We will figure out where you are and make the program work around you and your goals.

These things will never change. What can change is how we implement them and the services and programs we offer to give our members access to the systems we follow.

We recently did a survey of our members and the top things that we got feedback on were:

  • We could use more equipment
  • Some of the classes are crowded
  • Some additional options to get coaching would be helpful
  • More Open Gym time
  • Kid’s classes

Overall the feedback we got was very positive and we appreciate all of you taking the time to communicate with us. Here is what we have in store for 2016.

We will be getting more equipment. This has always been in the plan and is available to us as we grow. When we first opened we had less than we do now, and a year from now we will have more. The GHD’s that we bought a few months ago were the first major purchase we were able to make. There is some equipment we need to get as fill-ins for larger classes. That should happen soon. Beyond that the biggest thing I am hot for is ropes. I have been working on getting ropes for 4 months. Be patient, they are coming. Other things in the works (no definite timeline): Tires, Atlas Stones, Assault Bikes.

We have added a second Sat morning class to help reduce the mayhem on Sat mornings. As we keep growing and the classes continue to max out, we will look at adjusting the schedule further. The M,W,F morning class has started being more consistent and is growing. If that keeps up over the next few weeks/months, a 5 day morning schedule may happen as well. There is also the opportunity for a mid-morning or early afternoon class if there is a demand for it. So far there hasn’t been. If you know people that would come in at those times, let us know.

At the beginning of January, we announced our monthly goal coaching during SKill Zone (Open Gym). Each month we will pick a skill or exercise and have a coach give a 30 minute training session, along with a month long training plan for our members to follow. We also began offering one-on-one personal goal setting sessions where a coach will sit down with a member and help them put a plan together to help them reach their goals.

We would love to add more Open Gym time. Right now the time we do offer isn’t being used as much as we’d like. If there is a visible demand for more Open Gym time we will consider options.

We have Kid’s classes!!! Every Sat morning we have two classes. One for kids ages 5-8 and another for kids 9-12. We very much want to expand that schedule as well. We will have more info on potential changes to that schedule as we evaluate the program’s success.

Other things we are planning on this year are more specialty clinics and some fitness challenges. More info about those will be coming over the next few months.

That is a review of where we are and what we have going on in 2016. We are so very grateful for all the support we have received from our new PCR family and we hope we can continue to serve you well.

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