Wow, 2017 has been one for the books. We started the year off with our first ever Intramural Open. It was a crazy fun time where we broke the gym up into 4 teams and spent 6 weeks doing things for points and just a little bit of bragging rights. We loved the way everyone came together and, believe it’s carried through the whole year.

That experience showed us the power of sharing what we do here with others. The more interaction our members have, the more they have the chance to support and cheer each other on, the stronger we grow as a team. That leads to the second realization we had this year.

We realized that if our mission is to positively affect the community, we have to look at our business and members as a team of people working towards a common goal. Our members are more than just people coming in for a workout. Our members are working with us to change their lives and in turn change the lives of everyone they touch.

Ellicott City Health and Fitness

This was the driving force behind the biggest change of 2017, changing our name. It took us awhile but we finally figured out who we were. In 2013 when we first started talking about opening a gym, the picture of where we would go was completely different than where we are today.

Today we are a health and fitness center that focuses on individual needs while leveraging the power of group support and a positive atmosphere. There is so much more to what we have become, that keeping our name locked into the CrossFit brand seems very restricting. We offer CrossFit but we are also more than CrossFit.

Ellicott City Health and Fitness is a much better representation of who we have become and it allows us a level of freedom to express ourselves that we are very happy to have.

Other things that mark 2017 as a the year we “got it”

  • Increased focus on our Personal Training offering to give a more personalized program when needed.
  • Added Bootcamp classes to have an option that fit people looking for something other than CrossFit
  • Bought an InBody, body composition scanner to give people a solid starting point and picture into their true health and how to improve.
  • Got certified in the Functional Movement Screen to identify and help improve how people move and function day to day.
  • Built an online training portal for members to get specific fitness and health information as part of their relationship with us. (This will expand in 2018)
  • Partnered with SEDERA Health to offer a cost effective alternative to traditional health insurance
  • Added specific nutrition services and packages to give people the nutrition help they need in a plan that fits their lifestyle
  • Changed our CrossFit beginner program to personal training so that each person gets the individual attention they need to learn and get started on the right foot.

We are about helping people improve their lives. Here is our vision and mission as we have redefined them for Ellicott City Health and Fitness.

Our Vision is people living their lives to the fullest expression of their physical abilities for as long as possible.

Our mission is to evaluate, educate, and train individuals and groups to improve their physical fitness, nutrition habits, and their understanding of what true health means for enhanced longevity.

If 2017 was the year we really started to figure things out then 2018 is where the challenge of meeting these expectations begins.

Where we want to go in 2018

This coming year we have so many things we want to do. Outside of our personal and professional goals, we want to do as much as we can to facilitate our members reaching their goals. That means we have to continue offering the best coaching, programming, and training experience we can. It also means that we need to improve some of the options people have to get that training.

More opportunities to improve

One of the things we are doing to increase the options for training is adding specialty classes and sessions, all year long. We only ran 2 specialty sessions last year. We have 9 planned for 2018.

Go here to get a heads up on what’s coming. Set your calendars and get ready.

You’ll see that we are adding a new recurring class called Move Fusion. Move Fusion is the next step in our flexible offering of classes that meet people where they are. It is a combination of yoga movement and high intensity, core intervals that build flexibility, and strength. It’s a really good blend that can be a starting point for some, and a good recovery tool for others.

Growth and Community

A really fun focus we have for 2018 is growing the gym community. We work with a lot of awesome people day to day. We want each person that we work with to have a great experience every time they come see us. One of the thing we can do to improve the experience, is to get more people in classes. Our average class size is 6-8 people.

On Saturdays there are upwards of 20 people in classes. The energy and excitement in those classes is second to none. Our goal for 2018 is to carry that excitement into all the classes on our schedule and increase our average attendance per class to 10-12 people. We like positive energy, it’s contagious and it makes people feel better.

Goal Setting and Mentoring

Speaking of positive energy, we want to help you keep your momentum going the whole time you work with us. We think of our relationship with you as a long-term proposition. Because of that, we make your goals a priority.

We currently offer appointments to sit down with a coach and review your goals. It’s a great time to get a check on where you are and how to get you to the next level. We want to enhance that and make it more comprehensive and structured.

In 2018 you can look for a service that will not only help you with goals, but provide you a one on one mentor, tools to track and plan your goals, and develop action items that will help you be more accountable and greatly increase your success in our program.

We are most excited about this service because we believe it will be a game changer for many people.

Get local

Another  goal we have for 2018 is to get more involved in the local community.

We are working with some local businesses to host our first ever charity competition. We are also looking into some events to get local teens involved in healthy activities. We also have picked some local charities, and annual events that we want to have representation at on a regular basis.

We feel that the more we can give back to the community the better we’ll be able to accomplish our mission of positively affecting people’s lives. It’s what we are here for.

We will continue to work hard and do whatever we can to help people meet their goals. We truly take pride in what we do, we want to be part of our community and we want you to get the best results possible for your health.

Bronson and Jamie.