April 2016 | Aaron Newman – 34 years old


What is your sports/fitness background?

I was never a big athlete when I was a kid. I did the rounds so to speak at my parents’ insistence. I played baseball for awhile for my hometown during elementary school, but for some reason every year we were the worst team in the league. I learned a lot about good sportsmanship those couple of years. In middle school I played soccer which I really enjoyed and was pretty good at. Playing soccer gave me confidence to try basketball in middle school. Sadly, I was not growing taller like everybody else around me was so I was not very good. I mostly just ran around a lot waiting for somebody to pass the ball to me. In high school I went a different direction and joined the chess club…not really a sport but I did letter in it.

What are your fitness goals?

I have a lot of little goals like lifting higher weights in the lifts, get kipping pull ups, get double unders, one day to do a Crossfit competition, and always do something to improve myself.

What do you see as your greatest improvement?

My form during the lifts when I first started was pretty bad. I felt like I was thinking about it too much. With all the coaches’ help I have improved my form a lot and look forward to improving it even more.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout?

This is a hard question because most of them I want to cry and curl in to the fetal position afterwards. I like doing the benchmark workouts to see how I have improved over time. The ones I think I struggle with the most would be the ones with a lot of lifting in them since as I mentioned earlier my form is not always great.

How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?

I have seen a lot of physical improvement in my body and my abilities to do everyday things (let’s hear it for functional fitness). I have made a lot of good friends from the community, which I love about Crossfit; especially the PCR community. You guys rock. My wife Elysa and I usually work out together and I love that we can do that at PCR.

What’s your favorite PCR memory so far?

I think it would be when we first joined. It may have been a little intimidating at first but we were quickly accepted in to the community and the rest is history.

In 1 word, summarize your PCR experience?


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