August 2017 – Ryan Fuentes – 26 years old

What is your sports/fitness background?
I was very active when I was in high school- I played volleyball, lacrosse and track, I would constantly go on runs to stay active and in shape, and even met with a personal trainer a couple times a week. I was always doing some kind of activity and I felt good about myself physically! Once I got to college and my schedule became overwhelming, the fitness and healthy lifestyle went out the window. Especially in grad school when I was working and going to school full time, I ate what was fast and easy, and the last thing I wanted to do after a long day was work out.Two years out of grad school, I said to myself I needed to make a change, but didn’t know how or where to start. Going to the gym by myself did not give me any motivation, and I didn’t know what to do when I got there! I didn’t really know how to work out properly. My perception of how to work out effectively was distorted, and I knew if I wanted to make a  lifestyle change, I would need some professional guidance. Working out with a group and a trainer as opposed to independently I knew was what I needed, so when I saw the ad for a 6 week bootcamp with CrossFit PCR right down the street from my house, I knew I had to take the opportunity! 

What are your fitness goals?

My goal is always to feel good and look good! I wanted to be able to take a casual run without having to take breaks every minute and want to give up after 5. I wanted my clothes to fit me, and not be so tight! I didn’t want to be lazy anymore and my goal was to be healthy all around. Now that I feel great about myself, my goals are to beat my personal records! Every workout I want to shave time off of the clock or lift 2.5 pounds heavier or improve my form!

What do you see as your greatest improvement?
So many improvements since January, but so far my greatest improvement is my form. I would be in so much pain when I first started working out at CrossFit PCR because I wasn’t lifting weights properly or was rushing myself or lifting too much. Now I can get through complete workouts and not be in so much pain during the workout or even the next day.
What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
Favorite is jump rope-Love when we do things with cardio! Least favorite is rowing….the worst!
How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?
Working out at CrossFit PCR has honestly been the best addition to my life and worth every penny. Because its become a daily part of my life, its not something I dread, but look forward to. Every night before I go to bed I read the workout for the next day! I can see and feel results…..and its even better when other people notice them too 🙂 I’ve learned not only how to workout more effectively, but how to eat cleaner! Before, sitting on the couch and going out to eat were activities with friends I wanted to do, now I want to do a workout class, go on a walk, be outside, be active!
What’s your favorite PCR memory so far?
I have 2! One was after one of the Saturday workouts, so many people stayed after to grill hamburgers and hotdogs, play cornhole, eat and drink and socialize! At this event I was able to get to know the people that I work out with weekly on a different level. The community and team building atmosphere is what I LOVE about CrossFit. My second favorite memory was setting a new PR on my deadlift. I couldn’t stop smiling!!!

In 1 word, summarize your PCR experience.
Life changing

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