“I have been a member of the Boot Camp program for several months. This is not my first boot camp but it is the best one I have found. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful. The instructors are knowledgeable and interested in every member achieving their goals safely while having fun. I highly recommend this program. I am over 50 and feel completely comfortable because the age range is so diverse.” – Becky M.

Fitness 4 Everyone! Workouts that YOU can do!

Why should you try Fitness 4 Everyone Boot Camp in Ellicott City?

  • Progressive Training, We program each workout so it complements your development over time. Your program will help you grow by following a set methodology. This is a lot more than doing random exercises for 45 minutes.
  • Performance Tracking, We keep tabs on your performance and use it to build your program and gauge your improvement.
  • Group Training, You will make new, like-minded, friends who will hold you accountable when you miss a class and motivate you when you come to class. Working alongside other people who are just like you, will help keep you going. Finishing a tough workout is always more rewarding when you can high-five your buddies after its over.
  • Constant Coaching, You will have a coach watching your every move to make sure you are performing each movement as efficiently as possible and with good form so you get the best out of your workout and reduce your chance of injury.
  • High-Intensity Training, You will burn fat and build muscle! Who doesn’t want that?
Boot camp like you’ve never seen it before. This isn’t your average workout in the park. This program is designed to build your fitness, not just work you hard. You will get stronger, have more endurance, find that you can move more easily, and start to enjoy everyday activities more.

Each class is led by a certified and highly trained coach who will ensure that everyone is working at a level appropriate for them. The workouts will always be constantly varied, functional movements that are performed at a high intensity. Keep in mind that while one person’s level of intensity may be a walk and another a sprint, we all work together make sure you are working at a level, comfortable yet challenging to you.

Our athletes get in a great workout through use of dumbbells, kettle-bells, medicine balls, rowers, and even just their body weight alone.

The Bootcamp style workouts are different from CrossFit workouts. This program will be:

  • A non-barbell program for the general public, regardless of past experience.
  • The program is based on providing athletes of all levels with high intensity interval circuits with low complexity and bodyweight movements.
  • This program incorporates strength work with higher rep ranges and lower weight with dumbbells/kettlebells.
  • All classes are 45 minutes long.
“My friend convinced me to go to this other Boot camp…, I figured at least I would get a work out in. Well, it made me miss you guys even more…it just could not compare to the benefits of CrossFit PCR!” Kelly

The coaches and community have taught me that it doesn’t matter where I am today, as long as I show up and do my best each workout. I look forward to coming to class. I enjoy the workouts and the entire PCR community. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my energy and mood outside of the gym. I feel like I am finding a piece of me that I never thought I would get back. I am already so grateful for everything Crossfit PCR has given me, and it’s only the beginning!” Samantha



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