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June 6, 2017 by Bronson Dant

A special service from special people

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Kate Ortman, the owner of Brain Training of Maryland recently. I was blown away by her passion and the energy she exudes when she talks about helping people improve their lives with her brain training program.


I can’t even fathom the amount of time and energy her and her team put into their clients, their own training, and the development of their programs. The hour I spent there completely blew me away.

Their program uses, several technologies and methods that target brain function, and increasing the capacity of the brain to operate effectively. Their Internal Metronome uses sound combined with body movement to help develop focus. They have a light system that can be used in a ton of different configurations to help with reaction time and brain processing speed. There are other things included in their program that I couldn’t even explain.

Each of their employees is required to go through the training to a certain level before they are allowed to work with clients. From I can tell Kate is super particular about the quality of her staff’s training, and ability to help people.

At CrossFit PCR we spend a lot of time helping people learn about themselves, their bodies, and what they are capable of. The work that Brain Training of Maryland does is similar but so much more because their focus is on the control center of it all.

Some of the stories Kate told me about people with severe social limitations, acute brain trauma, sports injuries, autism, and other brain conditions are amazing. The Brain Training team is a force for good that should not be discounted, and must be embraced as an effective tool in the fight to improve brain health in people from all walks of life.

Here is one of those stories.

Whether you or someone you know has had a history of brain trauma, auditory delay, or any other kind of brain condition. Get a hold of Brain Training of Maryland.  Their website is Their phone number is 410-750-2133.

Here is another testimony from an athlete with a history of concussions.

What can you do to keep you brain healthy?

  1. Use it as much as possible. The more you put yourself into situation where creativity, and critical thinking are required, the more your brain will maintain its resiliency and health. Read a book instead of watching the movie, play games, engage in thoughtful discussion, and experience new things.
  2. Exercise often. Studies have shown that exercise can improve brain function. There are many cases where people with auditory delays, autism, and strokes have shown faster than expected or even almost complete changes in diagnoses when put on regular exercise programs. If you don’t have to work with one of these conditions, think about how you feel after a good workout. Your thinking is clearer, you feel refreshed, and energized. In many cases it leads to more productivity after the workout is over.
  3. Eat more fats…. HUH??  That’s right, fats are brain food. Here is a good article on the topic.

These are things you can do to help keep your brain healthy. If you or someone you know has issues with anything else, you know who to call.

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