CrossFit Competitions and You

September 21, 2015 by 321go

“Who me?!?” was probably your first reaction when a coach or another member asked if you were going to compete in the next competition at your gym. You probably thought to yourself, “nope, no, heck no!”

Why would that be your first response? You come to the gym everyday and workout. You do the same movements in your workouts that you would do in the competition, and with the same people.

What is it about the word “competition” that freaks people out. We participate in competitions to win something, feel good, have fun, and share in a new experience. What’s so scary about that?

I could go on and on about how fun competing can be but I’ll let Lisa from CrossFit Incendia in Arizona lay it out for you. She pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Join in the experience, expand your horizons, and come have fun with us.

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