What is your sports/fitness background? 
I’ve played Cricket in high school. Worked in a gym for couple of years before EC Health and Fitness.

What are your fitness goals?
Getting leaner, stronger with flexibility has always been my dream goal. I realized that fitness should be part of my life for decades to come and want to be in it for the long run. I want to excel in double-unders and Pull-Ups.

What do you see as your greatest improvement?
I haven’t lost much weight but I’m definitely stronger. I have seen great improvement in my mobility, skill and strength. I started with less than 10 single-unders.  Now I’m up to 50. I started loving the workouts thanks to F4E coaches (Mary and Bronson) and other members in the box.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
Favorite workout: upper body workouts. Least favorite: burpees, deadlifts and running.

How has your experience at EC Health and Fitness affected your life?
I still remember the day on 4th April,2017 when I scheduled “No Sweat Intro” and while entering CrossFit, I was shivering not knowing what was in store for me. Bronson calmed all my nerves and I started Foundation classes under Coach Nichole. She was very patient explaining each workout and had to explain many times. After Foundation, I didn’t start due to the fear that I will never make it to CrossFit. F4E Bootcamp created some interest in me and I never looked back after that. Coach Bronson, Mary and Jamie help me maintain ideal posture. There are multiple options in the workout if you can’t work on one and all coaches watch and encourage you while you work out and you’re in good hands.  I never expected to see big changes immediately but I experienced small changes in life which has a huge impact. My wife and friends made me realize how I changed after joining CrossFit and many encouraged me. I can play longer with kids which I love, take stairs without losing breath, carry more groceries and I have improved metabolism.

What’s your favorite ECHF memory so far? 

My favorite memory would be the second F4E Bootcamp when I broke my own PR of a workout that I hated (Burpees included). That was the first time I knew that I improved after entering the reps in Sugar WOD. It was the best feeling and next day at the office was a very happy day and uneventful even with lot of stress.  Other favorite ECHF memory is Partner (group) workouts on Saturday. 20+ people working out together is an amazing experience and Fusion class of Yoga and interval training is one more favorite ECHF memory.

In 1 word, summarize your ECHF experience.