Do you need to train?

You may not think that you need to train for anything. Training is something athletes do. Exercising hard and they do it because they are trying to win at some kind of sport or competition. You’re just an everyday person and you don’t need all that….

…or do you?

Athletes strive to perform their best in a specific activity. They train their bodies and minds to enable them to function at a high level. Do regular, non-athletic people need to train their bodies too?

What are the activities a “normal” does, on a daily basis? This could be, walking up and down stairs, picking up various objects, playing with kids, standing or sitting for long periods of time, cleaning homes, doing yard work, snow shoveling, moving furniture, and so many more things.

So, “normal” people don’t have the same needs as an athlete trying to win a sport.

Wait a minute…

First, if normal people don’t need to train, then how do we keep doing all the activities we do, without getting tired, stressed out, hurt, or otherwise just unable to keep performing?

Secondly, an athlete trains a majority of their time to perform at a high level for fraction of the amount of time they trained in preparation. Many athletes spend thousands of hours training to compete for less than minutes at a time.

As “normal” people, we are ALWAYS performing our daily activities. As “normal” people, we have to perform at our best as often and continuously as possible. If you get sick or hurt because you’re untrained and unhealthy, how does it impact your lifestyle?

If you can’t perform, things don’t get done, money doesn’t get made, bills pile up, and who knows what else can happen.

Not being an athlete means absolutely nothing when it comes to our NEED to train our bodies and our minds to perform at our best, Every. Single. Day.

Training vs. Exercising

This is why you should be following a regular training program. Notice I didn’t say you should be exercising. Don’t get me wrong, exercising is better than, not exercising. Training, however, is a totally different animal.

When you are just exercising, you do work without a plan. You go to the gym 3-4 days a week and you follow a regular routine of movements sure, but what are those movements doing for you? How do know when to make adjustments? Are you doing too much work or too little weight in each workout? What is the long-term goal for the work you are doing? How will your exercise get you there?

Characteristics of just exercising

  • High effort
  • Short term focus
  • Difficult to verify results
  • Impossible to make adjustments to improve results
  • Uncertain execution of movement

Don’t waste your time just exercising.

If you want to work hard, sweat hard, and feel like you put good effort into a workout, do it! Just don’t let that single workout be the focus of what you’re working towards in the big picture.

That’s the difference between exercising and training.

When we train, have a specific goal, or idea we are trying to achieve. “I want to play with my kids every day for an hour without getting exhausted.” or “My family wants to go skiing this winter I want to do more than sit in the lodge and watch”. These are amazing goals and they need a training plan in order to be achieved.

Training is simply putting exercise into a progressive plan that enables growth, improved performance, safe movement, adjustments, and feedback.

If you aren’t training then you’re spending a lot of time and effort with much less return than you could be getting.

To answer the question. YES! Everyone needs to train their bodies and minds in order to live better, longer and have more fun along the way.

Why does it matter?

How you approach your fitness is very important to the most important aspect of your life, longevity.

Look at your fitness routine as a training program. Training programs are long-term steps designed to enable an action in the future. In the case of us “normal” people, that means, making us able to do more, feel better, enjoy life, and live longer.

In a good training program, you won’t be doing things that are technically difficult or super heavy until you get the basics down first.

In a training program, every workout has a goal, and it’s not always meant to burn you to the ground.

In a training program, rest is emphasized to enable faster growth, and longer periods of performance.

Training programs, have markers built into them so you know exactly where you’ve improved and where you need to focus more energy.

A good training program includes all aspects of fitness, including nutrition. We are multifaceted and our training should be as well.

You plan on living as long as you can and you want to be able to take care of yourself for as long as you can. That is the ultimate long-term goal and your training program should work to get you there.

You are training for life. Your life. Every. Single. Day.