Lower back pain is a huge problem for many people. Most of the advice we get for reducing, or preventing back pain is one of two things. It’s either “bend your knees” or “strengthen your core”. Both of these are good suggestions and both of them are fairly simple to do.

The problem we find is that most peop[le don’t know how to work on them. When picking up heavy objects, bending your knees can be done different ways. Some of them will create more risk for injury, others won’t.

Strengthening your core is another very misunderstood¬†concept. Most people think of their core as the abdominal muscles. In reality, the “abs” are just a few of the muscles involved in “core strength”

The “Core”


How do you learn proper movement, and exercises you can do to reduce your lower back pain or prevent it from happening?

Find someone to teach you. At Ellicott City Health and Fitness we offer Move Fusion classes.

These classes are developed specifically to help people learn how to move their body safely and improve core strength to help improve their quality of life.

Here is a video showing an exercise you can do to help improve core strength. You’ll find movements like this and more in our Move Fusion class. (https://youtu.be/vMEOZkkPeUc)

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