The end of another year is upon us. We now enter the “resolution zone” where people from all walks of life make a promise, to themselves, to do something to get in shape.

Gyms get over-crowded. Diet programs sell out. Sales for at-home workout programs sky-rocket.

Statistics show that between 80% – 90% of people will fail to maintain their New Year’s Resolution.

That’s crazy!

Why do so many people fail? What is keeping these people from accomplishing their goals and dreams? Is it that hard to live a fit lifestyle? What’s the secret?

There are many reasons for failure. Most of them center around a general lack of true desire and purpose for making a change and taking the necessary steps to make something happen.

The biggest reason people fail is actually pretty simple. They have no idea what they’re doing and they’re doing it by themselves.

Think about it. How many of you reading this have ever been trained in any level of fitness programming, coaching, bio-mechanics, weightlifting, endurance training, or any other fitness related skill?

You and millions like you are taking that lack of knowledge and venturing off into your own fitness journey and expecting to succeed. No map, no guide, no real plan at all…….

A gym membership doesn’t do you any good if you have no idea how to workout.

Going on a diet won’t last if you don’t have someone helping you fit it into your lifestyle.

Doing an at home workout program is BOOORING after the first month.

So listen up! If you plan on making a New Year’s resolution,…Get help and find a support system to keep you going.

  1. Find a program that has coaching so you always have one-on-one instruction and guidance to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout.
  2. Get into a program that is designed for beginners so you have a realistic starting point. And a good launch pad to get going.
  3. Do it with other people like you. Don’t be a loner. Get motivation from friends and let them help you through the tough times.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Just let go of your ego a little bit and admit that you could use some help and support. It will carry you a long, long way.

At Ellicott City Health and Fitness, we have several fantastic programs that will fit your goals, and where you are right now. We take special pride in our coaches and the care we give each member. You cannot find a better group of people than the members we have and the energy and positivity they express every single day.

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