…and it will keep us there unless we get off that path.

The path of least resistance. It’s human nature to look for it. It comes naturally to follow the course of action that feels like it takes less energy to perform or execute.

At what cost?

We slouch in our chairs because it’s easier and more comfortable. We bend over to pick things off the ground without bending our knees because it’ faster and less work. We eat fast food, or things that we can prepare quickly in a microwave because we “don’t have time” to make “real food”.

The path of least resistance is natural.  But is it worth it? Just because it’s what we default to, does that mean it’s the way we were meant to function?

Easy is the enemy of growth. It is the direct opposite side of the coin from where we want to be if we are working on improving our lifestyle, health, and activity level.

If you ever say to yourself, “this is easier” or “that is easier”, then you are missing the point.

Most of the actions we’ve taken (or not) over that last 20, 30, 40, or 50 years has been easy. That’s why we have back pain, shoulder pain, herniated discs, bad knees, high body fat, low muscle mass, and so many other issues.

Easy does not make us better, it wears us down.

Every single time we choose easy, we pay the price in wear and tear on our bodies. Every time we choose easy, we sacrifice the opportunity to grow stronger. Every time we choose easy we enforce the habit of taking shortcuts instead of building the habit of hard work and effort.

Easy feels better, but it’s not. What we need to look for is simple, and attainable. Simple does not mean easy. Easy is a soul crusher. It lies to us and makes us think that we are improving or getting better at something, when we aren’t.

If we are doing something the way it should be done it will not be easy. It will probably be hard…..until it’s not.

In fitness and exercise, easy seems like efficiency. When we are learning a new exercise and we find a way to “make it easier”, we must ask ourselves, Is easy what I’m looking for?

Efficiency is not the same as easy. Efficiency is the proper execution of movement to enable the least amount of energy usage over the longest amount of time….  If you “found” a way to make it easier, you are probably not getting the most out of the exercise, moving in an unsafe manner, and completely missing the point.

I recently heard a physical therapist say, “You have to make the easy things hard to make the hard things easy.” It takes time to do things properly until they become such a habit that doing it the right way feels easy. That process can be hard. ….

That’s why we do it….

When it comes to food and nutrition, the same rules apply. If it’s quick and easy, it’s probably not good for you. If you have to take some time to make it, if it’s not in a box and you have to put some work in, then it’s probably is better for you.

Luckily there are ways to get some of the work done for you. However, you still must put in the time to find out what works and doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Remember, if “easy” is part of your evaluation, then you are missing the point.

The joy and satisfaction you receive from reaching a goal, is a direct correlation to the amount of effort and dedication it took to get you there. If we choose easy along the way it diminishes the value of the work we did put in, and increases the risk of failure in the pursuit.

Look for ways to improve not ways to make it easier, and you will see greater growth, more satisfaction, and increase your chance to succeed.