My mother is in her mid 60’s and she comes to the gym 3 days a week and does CrossFit

I’m 45 years old and I’ve been a CrossFitter for 5 years.

Brian C. is in his 50’s and has a history of shoulder issues. He comes to classes 3 x week.

Susie R. is in her mid 60’s and is an energetic regular in the 5:30AM class

Joe and Erin are in their mid 30’s with 3 kids and two full-time jobs. You can bet they and their kids are at the gym as often as possible.

Mara and Perri are in high school and make it a point to be at the gym to get their workouts in every week.

I could go on and on, giving you examples of people making themselves and their health a priority. Unfortunately, too many people won’t make that decision.

I’m going to be a little blunt here folks, in many cases, people are literally dying and don’t even know it. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes is killing millions of Americans. Most don’t even know it’s happening to them.

We talk to people every day who say they “want” to make a change, but many don’t.

Don’t lie to yourself and say you want to make a change if you aren’t going to get off the couch and go get help from someone. Unless you are doing something to improve yourself, you don’t really want to.

Guess what, we understand.

It’s hard changing your whole life around. Exercise is hard. Eating better takes work. Your schedule has to change. Other people may not get as much of your time as they are used to.

All things, including us humans, are in a perpetual conflict to achieve a balance or homeostasis where things never change. Once we get into a routine, it’s natural to want to stay in that routine.

The problem is that many of our routines are killing us and it’s time to create new ones.

That change can take time and it can be challenging. That’s where we come in. At Ellicott CIty Health and Fitness we have 3 things that we do to help you rebuild a healthy lifestyle.

  1. We focus on what you need. We have several programs we can offer you. Step one is finding out where you want to be and how best to get your there.
  2. We understand that it takes time. There is no pressure to be super intense or do anything that you’re not ready for yet. Changing how we think about fitness and being healthy , takes time. Developing a new routine, starts with small steps. That’s ok.
  3. We’re with you all the way. Whether it’s your coaches or your other classmates, someone is there with you from the beginning. We’ve all been there, we all know the struggles, and we all want to help others get through them like we do. We need that same support sometimes so we freely give it when it’s needed.

Don’t let excuses keep you from having more freedom and living a more full and vibrant life.

We’ve made available a 5 step guide that you can use to find a program that can help you make all these improvements. Go here to DOWNLOAD it now.