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July 26, 2016 by Bronson Dant

I have always been a fan of burpees, plain and simple. You may think I’m crazy, and maybe I am. However, I just realized something about burpees that makes me love them even more. Back to this in a second….

Do you like math? I hated math in high school. It was boring, worthless, and had no relevance to everyday life…. You know that feeling you get when you realize your misconceptions are about to bite you in the ass?


Math isn’t math!


Consider this,… math is a process for thinking logically. The thought process for determining the value of X is the same for figuring out why my computer won’t print or how come the car won’t start. Math is a method or process used to solve problems. The numbers are not the goal. Learning how to find the answer is.

Just. Like. Burpees.

Burpees suck, we all know that. Did you know that burpees are an excellent tool to learn and practice proper form and body mechanics for the push-up, kipping, and overhead lifts? How about that!

If you do a burpee correctly, you will use aspects of various body mechanics in a combination of skill progressions that transfer over to other exercises. That’s AWESOME.

Check this out:

Why is this a big deal?

In our program, everything builds off of something else. The principles used in any given exercise transfer to other exercises and vice versa. Everyone knows that the air squat mechanics are seen in the back squat. Did you know there aspects of those same mechanics in rowing?

How many times have you heard us emphasize “functional movement”? We want to train our bodies to be as efficient as possible. If efficiency is the key then all of this makes sense. Everything we train, trains everything we train….. Let me say that again


Why work on a ton of different movements that don’t benefit the overall goal of efficiency?

Many times we do different exercises for the purpose of the exercise and we don’t realize or consider that doing the exercises correctly will help to improve our performance in other exercises.

Something as simple as keeping your shoulders externally rotated in the jump and clap portion of a burpee can make a big difference in your performance when you activate those same body mechanics during a pull-up.

Efficiency is gained through proper form and repetition. Would you rather practice 1000 air squats or focus on the technique every time you do an exercise that uses the same mechanics.

When you workout, pay attention to what you are doing. Focus on proper body mechanics. If you don’t know, ask a coach. Working out with improper form and technique slows you down.

We want you to be active and healthy for a long time. Bad habits develop little pieces at a time. Good habits do too. You’ve had bad movement habits for long enough. Let’s learn and practice some good ones every chance we get.


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