For the month of February, there is less conditioning “testing.” The reason for this is we are about to embark on 5-weeks of “competition” with the CrossFit Open. If we are not careful, athletes can burn out quickly from the increase in intensity they’ll experience, simply because the workouts are judged, and they are competing against their peers.

We will have Move Fusion running every Thursday during the Open to help you guys with recovery and being ready for the workouts each week.

Max effort strength work remains consistent and is an excellent segue into the Open to ensure we are maintaining neuromuscular efficiency. Because the volume is low, the risk of combining with higher intensity work is negligible.

We’ll be testing vital pieces like the Power Clean and Sumo Deadlift, and we’ll also have the chance to perform some repetition work with heavy Back Squats on the minute. Lastly, we’ll test a 3RM Overhead Squat, and even though we don’t perform these as often because of their low trainability, you will likely have improved because we’ve worked on balance and stability via unilateral special exercises.

Once the CrossFit Open begins, all higher-threshold work will be front-loaded toward the beginning of the week. Once the workouts are released, I will program the workout for each Friday as something that will compliment that week’s Open WOD without compromising your ability to perform each Saturday.