Love your body.

Be happy with where you are.

You are special.

How often do we see these messages on social media? Everyone is so caught up trying to make everyone feel good about themselves that the most obvious thing about gaining self-confidence and a positive self-image is being completely missed.

The secret to being happy with yourself isn’t about feelings, how other people view you, accepting your individuality, or anything like that.

The secret to having a positive self-image is to focus on improving yourself every day.

Accepting where you are and loving your body as it is, only makes a difference if you use the knowledge and understanding to set goals and work towards improving yourself.

What good does any of the feel-good stuff do for someone in a practical sense? The process is backward when we try to create emotions and feel good about something BEFORE we’ve taken action to make anything better.

Our brains don’t work that way.

If you want to feel better about yourself, then do something that will make you feel better. Set a goal and work towards it.

The absolute single best thing you can do for your self-image is to face a challenge and accomplish something.

ACTION is the secret to self-confidence. MOVEMENT is the vehicle to self-fulfillment, and SUCCESS is the seed of self-realization.

If you feel bad about yourself and aren’t happy with where you are in life, then do something about it. It only takes a small action.

Set a goal to get off the couch and run 100 feet every day. Stop drinking soda for a week. Get to work early for a month. Keep the kitchen clean for 2 weeks…..

It doesn’t matter what it is, do something that is a challenge, requires action, takes commitment, and will make you feel good when you’ve done it.

I promise you. You will feel better about yourself than any self-help book, personal mantra, or circle time will ever make you feel.

We are creatures that thrive and grow through facing challenges and struggles. It’s the best way to take your life to the next level.

Action first, feel good about yourself second. It’s really hard to have a positive self-image when you’re not taking ownership of your life.

If you need help taking action, and want someone to work with you to help set some goals that you can achieve, come by and chat with us. We’d love to help.