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May 31, 2017 by Bronson Dant

“My goal is to be able to get myself on and off the commode, without assistance, for the entirety of my life. I’m not looking to win any competitions, just win at life.” – Debi Freeman, 47 years old.

You may be surprised to hear this coming from a CrossFit person, but this is an awesome statement. It’s also the very reason CrossFit exists. Our goal, as a fitness and health program, is to help educate and prepare people to live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

This may be contrary to what you may have read or what your friends, who don’t do CrossFit, may say. The program is not all about crazy workouts and getting destroyed in every class.

Someone who has the goal of just wanting to live better and be able to do more, comes to us with a few things that make them perfect candidates for success.

You can use these yourself when putting your own fitness plan together.

  1. They are looking for help and are willing to listen. They realize that whatever they have been doing to this point, isn’t working and they want someone to help. This gives us an opportunity to develop a plan and set them up for long term success. We want people to learn how to live healthy, not just come in for a workout.
  2. They have the big picture in mind. It’s not all about lifting the most or being the fastest. It’s about improving the aspects of fitness that you need to improve, at a speed your body can handle. Our program is about growth with intent, not just going as heavy or hard as possible all the time.
  3. They want proof that something is happening. When you have goals, you want to track what you are doing to reach them. When people come to us they get measurable actions and consistent tracking tools to make sure there are no questions about their improvement.
  4. They understand that the body is complex and the fitness program should be too. Any program that is mostly focused on any one aspect of fitness is going to have two results. You may see improvement initially, but these two things will happen eventually.
    1. You will hit a plateau. If you focus on a small portion of fitness you get a small amount of growth.
    2. You will get bored and start looking for something else. The more simple a program is, the less options there are for variation, creativity, and growth.

Remember, whatever fitness program you are following, ask yourself this question “how is this making my life better right now and will it help me get off the commode or walk up the stairs when I’m 85 years old?”. If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure, change things up and look for someone to help you find something that works.

This is a quick review of what it takes to be successful in a fitness program. If you have any questions or want to come in for visit. You can set up an appointment here

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