Get outside yourself

December 14, 2015 by Bronson Dant

How many of you have seen this picture?

Now think hard about this next question…..

Do you know where your comfort zone is? What do you dread seeing on the board for a workout? Are there things you could be doing at home to help your performance? Do you do them? Do you routinely put less weight on the bar because it will make the workout easier, or “I can go faster if it’s not so heavy”? Do you pace yourself or cut reps in order to not be “completely dead” at the end of a workout?


No growth happens without stress. You won’t get better at squats without stressing your body beyond its normal capacity to handle stress. The more load you put on your physiological system the more it can adapt to the load and handle it better.

Then you can add more load.

This is where the comfort zone concept comes into play. Read this next line twice…..

Nothing in your comfort zone will help you get better or achieve your goals.

Why are you working out? When you come into the gym, there should be one thing on your mind. “How can I crush this workout?”

Regardless of the work in front of you; technique drills, mobility, adding weight, going faster, whatever the challenge is; attack it. The harder you hit it, the faster you’ll get better at it.

Everyone has something they don’t like to do. Those are the exact things that you need to do if you want to get better.

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