New year’s resolutions. They’re all the rage. Every year people swear to make drastic changes in their lives overnight.

Resolutions range all over the place, from spending more time with family, losing 20 pounds, watching less tv, to working out 5 days a week, taking public transportation, or recycling more.

New year’s resolutions are very personal and reflect what a person deems important to them.

The unfortunately most resolutions never happen. A vast majority of people lose steam after a few days, weeks, and months.


  • They focus on the wrong thing and all their effort ends up being meaningless,
  • They try and do it alone.
  • They have no real plan and end up off track and don’t have a way to keep up the momentum.
  • They try to make over sized changes that their lifestyle can’t handle.

If a New Year’s Resolution is something that you can grab a hold of and use to help you make a change then go for it. Here are 4 things you can do to ensure you don’t fall away like so any others do.

  1. Remember that the resolution you make isn’t the point. In fact the resolution itself is meaningless. Think about why you want to make a resolution in the first place and hold on to that. The reason behind your resolution will always last longer than your desire to keep up the actions of the resolution. Never forget why, and you’ll keep the fire burning. Even if the plan or the details of what you “resolved” change, you’ll still have a target and a reason to come up with a new plan. The plan changes the goal stays the same.
  2. Get some help already. Find someone to help you keep your reason alive. Get a coach or a friend that you can be accountable to. Don’t come up with a plan all by yourself. Bounce it off people you trust and get feedback. It will be a much better plan, and you’ll have supporters along the way.
  3. Speaking of a plan. Have one. Every resolution needs a set of actions, and an understanding of the impact the change in your life will have. If you are not prepared for the changes and don’t know how to handle them, you will quickly become overwhelmed and want to quit. Having a plan will help prepare you for the changes and it will help you get back on track if you fall off the wagon. Which you will do. Accept it, get back on track and keep working.
  4. What ever resolution you make will bring change to your habits, lifestyle, and routine. It means that if you try and change too many things at once you will fail. Lifestyle changes happen best if you take them in little chunks at a time. These are called habits. Habits make up the majority of things we do everyday. They are what need to be changed and created when we want to make any significant change in our life. You can’t change a bunch of habits all at once. Take on a couple at a time. Then move to some new ones. This is the heart of any plan you put in place. It has to be focused  and make room for small changes over time.

Make a resolution, seriously, do it. If you put some thought behind it, and get some help to plan it out, you can be super successful and be one of the few success stories for New Year’s resolutions. There aren’t may of them…

At Ellicott City Health and Fitness we offer all of this, along with the programs to help you build good habits. Group exercise classes, personal training, nutrition counseling, a support crew of members just like you, and a staff dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and successful.