The fitness industry has been playing with us for years. Everything we know about fitness and getting in shape is based on the idea that looks are more important than actually being in shape.

Everything is based on the appearance of fitness. Nice equipment, locker rooms, showers, TV’s, flashy interior design, all the things that help make people feel like they are getting good value for the little bit they pay each month

Traditional gyms base their businesses on giving people the feeling of action without any actual work getting done. They are banking everything they have on making people feel good about being a member. Being a member then satisfies many people’s sense of accomplishment and they stop there.

They don’t come regularly. They don’t actually feel compelled to work on their fitness. There’s no one holding them accountable, nothing to keep them motivated, and nothing happening to help them become healthy.

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You would think that after a few months someone would realize they are wasting their money. That’s when things get downright diabolical.

Doughnut days, bagel days, pizza days….Massage chairs, towel service, and many other “perks” are thrown out there for members to create the impression of added value. As silly as it seems, these things make it much more likely that someone will keep their membership even if they never come to the gym.

The average low cost gym has 5,000 members. Seriously, 5,000! Guess how many actually show up at least 2 times a week in a month?  ……less that ⅓ of that.

The idea that low cost gyms are a great value for the amount of money you spend, is built on a couple levels of misdirection.

  1. The assumption that having a membership will, by itself, motivate you to go workout.
  2. That because the facility is nice, and has lots of equipment, you are getting a really good deal.
  3. That you don’t need help, you can do it on your own. Just having a membership will solve your problems.
  4. That no one will judge you, just ignore the mirrors and the fact that everything in the place is designed around looking good, not working hard.

Where’s the support? Where’s the coaching? Who is going to keep you accountable day to day? What kind of people are you going to meet? Will they be motivated and encouraging? Will you be cared for by the staff? Is the priority of everyone in the building going to focused on improving every day.

The saying, “you get what you pay for” has no greater evidence that in the business of the traditional gym.

If you want serious, focused, and proven methods. If you want personalized and progressive training. If you want results. Save your money and spend it where you will get what you’re looking for.

I’ve written another article on 5 Steps to help you find the fitness program for you. In it I give you some things to do, that will help you increase your chances of finding a program that will, 1. Be enjoyable, and 2. Give you great results. CLICK HERE to get the guide.