If you’ve been keeping up with this blog series, you’ll know that we have already discussed what mobility is, (http://echealthandfitness.com/happiness-starts-movement/) and why flexibility is important, (http://echealthandfitness.com/happiness-starts-movement-part-2/).  Now let’s talk about stability.  

Stability is the ability to control movement and maintain proper position.  Thinking in terms of fitness and our daily functional movements, we want to have a strong, stable foundation to build upon.

Let’s say you drop your cars keys down behind a heavy piece of furniture that you can’t move. The only way to get your keys is to squat down for several minutes while you fumble your fingers around until you can grab your keys.  As you do this you need the control in your hips and knees to get low enough and stay there until you find your keys.

Every time you pick something up, put something in a shelf overhead and get in or out of bed, you are putting your body in hundreds of different positions. Most everyday injuries happen because there is a lack of control and maintaining proper body position while moving.

There are a lot of benefits to having stable and controlled movement. In the real world, improving your stability equals fewer chances to fall, pull a muscle, tweak a knee, hurt a lower back, or get hurt in any number of ways. This is hugely important as we age.  

Once you have developed a good base of stability, you can start to think about the final part of the mobility equation: strength.  Stay tuned for part 4.