We’ve already established how flexibility and stability contribute to fitness and how they aid in everyday movement.  How does strength fit into the equation?  By definition, strength is the quality or state of being strong.  Or, how much weight you can physically move.  Once you have established a solid flexibility and stability practice, it’s time to start thinking about being able to move things around.

When your joints have a good range of motion (flexibility), can you effectively move through that range of motion with weight, even if that weight is just your body or limbs?

We often see people with great flexibility, who aren’t able to lift their legs off the ground or can’t hold their arms out in front of their bodies for more than a few seconds. Being functionally strong is a key component to being able to live your life with any level of freedom.

Strength gives us the ability to control our movements, which is key to moving efficiently, effectively and SAFELY.  

Adding strength training to your fitness repertoire has so many added benefits.  Building lean muscle mass will help you lose weight faster. Building strength will lessen the potential of injuries, build bone mass and density,  enhance quality of life, reduce symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Getting stronger will also lead to improved balance and coordination, which can help reduce the risk of falling, a critical benefit as we age.  

Since increasing my strength by working out regularly, I can definitely relate to reduced symptoms of arthritis, back pain, and depression.  Our daily lives can be more enjoyable by all these benefits of being strong.  


This concludes my series on mobility, what it is and how it will help you live a better more fulfilling life. Make sure you include all three aspects of mobility into your fitness routine. If you miss any part, you will limit your potential, increase your risk for injury, and generally slow the progress towards your goals.

We’ve made available a 5 step guide that you can use to find a program that can help you make all these improvements. Go here to DOWNLOAD it now.

Stay strong and keep moving.