What is mobility? How does it apply to fitness? What other aspects of fitness aide in mobility? All these questions are important when we think of our daily life functions and physical fitness.  

Let’s talk about Mobility….what is it exactly? Flexibility, stability, and strength make up what we call mobility. since everything we do revolves around movement, let’s start there.

Movement is the act of putting your limbs and body into different positions. One position may be needed to reach under a sofa. Another position may be needed to put bowls up in a cupboard. The degree with which you can to move into, maintain, and support yourself in all of these positions, determines how “mobile” you are.

Why is mobility important? The first thing that comes to my mind is that having good mobility will help lessen the chance of injury.  I can relate first hand to mobility and injuries.  I’ve had several significant injuries in the past and don’t want to be in those situations again! Working on mobility consistently will help your body be proactive.  Often times we wait until there is some kind of problem before we start to work on mobility, but if we work mobility into our daily routines, then the chances of problems arising will be drastically lowered.  

Mobility is important in that it will help us improve positions that we will encounter in our daily lives.  Squatting, hinging, reaching, rotating, and lunging are all movements that we do every day.  If we are able to execute these movements properly, our quality of life will be greatly enhanced, therefore prolonging our lifespans. Being mobile and having quality movement on a daily basis not only enhances our own lives but the lives of our loved ones. Our kids are happy that we can sit or lay on the floor with them to play a game or watch a movie.  As we get older we can reach items that are high or low and not need help to get them. We can carry heavier loads of groceries or other items SAFELY.

Whenever you get time to work on your Flexibility (Range of motion), Strength (Ability to move and support weight), and Stability (Being able to hold and maintain proper positions under load), DO IT.

Here’s a tip: Make time to work on your mobility every day. Don’t wait, fit it in. It’s that important. It will help you move through your day with more ease and fewer aches and pains! Stayed tuned for part two of this blog series: Flexibility

Happy moving!! ~Coach Mary