I used to workout 4-5 days a week. I would do some cardio and lift weights pretty consistently. I was also, easily, 40lbs overweight.

I’m sure you know someone who is similar. Maybe it’s you. At home workouts, diet plans, shakes, wraps, and exercise classes at the local gym are things that many people do to get in shape.

How many things have you tried over the years? Are you where you want to be? Are you where you think you should be after all this time you’ve put in?

You try and eat healthy, you make every attempt to be active and do the things you’ve been told will burn fat and keep you skinny, but none of it is working.

How do you break the cycle and finally start moving in the right direction?

The reason many people struggle with seeing results from their efforts is that it’s not about how hard you work. We often think that we can eat poorly and “make it up” at the gym the next day. How many times have you seen someone just killing themselves on an elliptical for an hour, yet their body never seems to change?

There are 3 things that you MUST have in order for your work to make a difference.

You must have a plan. Not just any plan. You need a plan that is proven to work and is adaptable to your specific needs and goals.

Not something random off the Internet, or fitness magazine. Definitely not the same program some famous bodybuilder is doing that they posted on their Instagram feed.

It needs to be progressive, realistic, and have an end goal built in.

You must have a coach. You don’t know what you don’t know. The first thing a coach is going to do is help you with your plan. The second thing they will do is make sure you execute it correctly.

Following the plan, doing the movements correctly, using the appropriate weights, and making modifications based on your fitness level and ability, are the coach’s responsibility

They are your guide and your safety net. They have the knowledge and experience so you don’t have to worry about what and how; you can just do the work.

You must work hard. There it is! This is the part you’ve already got under control. Working hard will only get you so far. Until you start working on the right things, in the right way, most of that effort is lost.

That means putting everything into each workout. It also means doing the little things that may seem boring or tiresome. You get homework from your coaches for a reason. It does no good if you ignore it.

Maybe you spend time with a coach one-on-one and get some down in the weeds input and feedback that takes you to the next level.

A good plan with the proper guidance and hard work will get you better results than you’ve been getting trying to do things on your own.

Instead of being frustrated and feeling defeated, just ask for help.

Is this you or do you know someone who is struggling with slow progress or no progress at all in their attempts at improving their health? Call us or stop by, we can help.