How many people do you know that are obese, diabetic, hypertensive, have had heart problems or a stroke?


Percentage of people that are obese in HoCo


In Howard County, the chances are that 6 out of every 10 people you know is dealing with one of these health problems. Think about that circle and what that means for the range of these issues across the county

This is incredibly scary and poses a significant impact on the lives of everyone you know.



How do you make an impact? How can you help your community be healthier and make the changes, one person at a time, to effect a sweeping change across the whole county?

The first thing you can do it to take care of yourself. You are the first person you can help. Nothing positive can happen in Howard County unless each person takes ownership of their health and fitness. One person making a change is the basis for spreading the impact to others.



The closest circle of people you have direct input to is your family. You can set the example, and make the day to day decisions that create good habits and make a healthy lifestyle the norm. Kids that eat healthy when they’re young, maintain those habits throughout adulthood. Being an active family that eats well and makes health a priority, spreads the impact of your healthy living across more people.


Percentage of people in HoCo 55+


You have friends. Your kids have friends. Each person you know is watching you. You may not realize it but every time you talk about needing new clothes, eating a healthy meal, having fun doing exercise, your friends are listening. They want to see if you stick with it. They want to see if you have positive results and if you really enjoy the process. The more you talk about your success, the greater the chance that you will help someone you care about decide to give it a try.



Howard County needs our help. It all starts with you. If you have ever wanted to make an impact on your community, all you have to do is get yourself to a good place and share your story with others. The power of each person sharing their progress can never be understated.

Your success will help someone else and it could even save the life of someone you know.

Are you ready to change Howard County? Come by and let’s get you started.

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