As I took the kids on an overnight backpacking trip this week (my first outing since starting CrossFit) I found myself reflecting on the “functional movement” thing we’re all doing here. Hiking up the steep grades with my 40-pound pack was kinda, no big deal – and it definitely used to be. I actually thought to myself “this is nothing compared to squat cleans – I could do this all day.” Light bulb moment… all that hard work in the gym helping us enjoy doing the things we love out here…

  • Andrew S., member at Ellicott City Health and Fitness

I almost cried when I saw this. It is an amazing feeling knowing that we’ve been able to help someone get more out of their life. I love hearing these stories and they are happening more and more as we grow and word gets out that you can change your life by coming to this program.

That’s the key to the whole crazy puzzle. What we do in the gym has nothing to do with what we do in the gym…


Read this line again “all that hard work in the gym helping us enjoy doing the things we love out here”

What happens within our walls is focused on the enabling of physical freedom on the outside. Improving your ability to do, participate, enjoy, and live to the fullest extent that your fitness will allow.

Anyone that has heard us talk about our member’s accomplishments knows how closely we carry each person’s dreams to our hearts. Nothing is as special and humbling as having someone place their faith and trust in you to help them improve their lives.

If you’re reading this then you have had some level of interaction with us and I hope that you’ve felt the passion that we have for helping others. We do not take our mission lightly and we spend a lot of time learning and improving ourselves so we can provide the best coaching and instruction possible.

Our Vision is people living their lives to the fullest expression of their physical abilities for as long as possible.

Our mission is to evaluate, educate, and train individuals and groups to improve their physical fitness, nutrition habits, and their understanding of what true health means for enhanced longevity.

One of our member’s goals is, and I quote, “I want to be 90 years old and able to go to the bathroom by myself and wipe my own butt”. That may sound silly but how many 90 year olds can do that. How amazing would it be if she could maintain her fitness up to that point in her life and make that dream a reality?

We don’t want any member to feel left out, limited, or disappointed because they couldn’t do something they wanted to do. Every day it is our mission to help each member take another step towards full physical independence and the ability to do whatever life asks them to do.

We’ve made available a 5 step guide that you can use to find a program that can help you make all these improvements for years to come. Go here to DOWNLOAD it now.