CrossFit Breakdown

For the month of January, there will be more time devoted to the Olympic lifts. We’ll be starting off the month with 2-week speed-strength/strength-speed wave with the squat clean + jerk using “relative percentages”. With that said, loading for this 2-week wave will be relatively heavy using two different percentages for each day.

Remember, the intent here is technique, proficiency, and developing speed-strength. Volume for these days will be relatively low and based on Prelipins chart.  This will give you a chance to increase your efficiency with the movements and help you get more out of every rep.

Aerobic-power work, while being less than last month we will remain consistent as the CrossFit Open is right around the corner. To refresh your memory, Aerobic Power work aims to improve your ability to sustain higher levels of aerobic output (oxygen for fuel/fat burn) and NOT cross your anaerobic threshold (ATP/proteins for fuel)which we know takes significantly longer to replenish.
This work is KEY for success in conditioning pieces where optimal pacing is vital to overall output. That means learning how to work at certain levels of output through the whole workout.
This work directly translates to the CF Open as well as your higher-threshold work due to the fact one’s level of aerobic fitness is a good predictor of how fast they can replenish ATP for higher output movements like 1-rep maxes.This means that not only does moving fast with weight for moderate time periods, increase your cardio capacity, but it helps you recover faster when lifting really heavy things.
Finally, you’ll see 3 past CrossFit Open works in this block of training, “17.4,” “14.1,” “13.4″ and some classic CrossFit benchmarks such as “Fran” and the “Filthy Fifty”. These workouts are good opportunity to practice strategy and pacing which will come in handy in Feb.
Some key pieces of reading for you to understand a little more.

Fitness 4 Everyone – Bootcamp

We’re going to kick off the year with some of our benchmark workouts. Make sure to look in SugarWOD and try not to miss those days.
Everything we do is designed to help you get better and more fit. We use benchmark workouts along with other tools (InBody scans) to test your improvement. We want to see specifically how you’re getting better and if there are things that need to be changed in your program. Data is the key, track your workouts!
You’re going to learn some new movements this month. Anyone want to climb a rope? Keep some long socks handy 😉
Reminder, of the daily focus of each workout. You’all always get some full body work in F4E classes, but the focus changes each day.
Monday – Lower body
Tuesday – Fat Burn
Wednesday – Upper body
Thursday – Core
Friday – Functional Strength