July 2018 – Susie Cruz – 55 years old

What is your sports/fitness background?

I have consistently made fitness a priority throughout my adult life through group exercise programs, running and walking.

What are your fitness goals?

My goal is to continue to build muscle and decrease body fat by following a healthy diet and attending my fitness classes at least 5 days a week. It’s always been important to me to live a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for my 4 kids.  Now that 3 are married, I hope to be a fit Grandmother someday.

What do you see as your greatest improvement?

I’m starting to see more definition in my arms and that’s a great feeling which motivates me to work harder. I had gotten very busy in my career the last few years and let my work out schedule slide a bit.  In Oct. 2017, I joined EC Health and Fitness and made a personal decision to get my fitness back on track. My workouts are now the first appointment of my day and I look forward to coming instead of making excuses why I can’t.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout?

My favorite workout is always arm day but I also love it when we use the rowing machines, run outside and push the weighted plates across the gym floor. Those 3 exercises are challenging for me but I love the feeling of accomplishment once we are done.  My least favorite…….definitely burpees!!! It’s a love/hate thing for sure!!

How has your experience at EC Health and Fitness affected your life?

My experience at EC Health and Fitness has been very positive.  The workouts are fun but challenging and I appreciate how Coach Mary makes sure I have correct form and encourages me throughout the workout.  Starting my day with a great workout surrounded by positive people helps to give me the energy and confidence I need in a fast paced sales job.

What’s your favorite ECHF memory so far?

Wow, that’s hard because I have many but I guess my favorite memory was when I got on the Body Scan after completing the 6 week challenge in Nov. and realized I had lost almost 5 pounds of body fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle.  That’s when I knew my hard work and commitment was paying off and if I kept with it on a consistent basis I could make some great changes.

In 1 word, summarize your ECHF experience.



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