June 2016 | Gina Krakovsky – 49 years old


What is your sports/fitness background?

I have always been pretty active at gyms and fitness classes.  I have run a marathon, half marathons, marathon relays, 10 K, 5K, triathlons including Iron Girl 5 times.

What are your fitness goals?
To be fit and strong.
What do you see as your greatest improvement?
I know I am getting stronger and seeing some muscular definition.
What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
Favorite- wall balls  Least favorite- Burpees
How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?
Crossfit has given me structured workouts that I don’t have to think about.  It has also pushed me to do strength training which was one of the main reason’s I started.
What’s your favorite PCR memory so far?
Watching my kids do the mothers day workout and gaining their respect for all of my time at Crossfit.
In 1 word, summarize your PCR experience.

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