June 2018 – Wade Weeks – 48 years old

What is your sports/fitness background?

I love to compete and have played a variety of sports since a young age. Soccer was the most consistent sport throughout my life until a knee injury at age 40 had me finally decide to give it up. I was never much into jogging or distance running, but I started running 5K’s about six years ago and run in at least one event each year. I have been lifting weights off and on since high school, but mostly off for the past 10 years until joining ECHF last Summer.

What are your fitness goals?

My overall goal is to be as healthy as I can be. I started out with keeping it simple as just getting my weight under control and being physically fit, but now I am pushing myself to learn the exercises I still have trouble with doing and pushing myself to be stronger on the ones I can do.

What do you see as your greatest improvement?

Tough question as there seems to have been so many this past year! Actually achieving a toes-to-bar recently was a great surprise one day! But, perhaps the most obvious improvement is that I have dropped 5 waist sizes since joining.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout?

There have been a few WOD’s in the past couple of months that involve rowing and KB’s that I would say I enjoyed the most. My least favorites are the single exercise workouts like Karen. I much prefer to have two or three different alternating exercises.

How has your experience at EC Health and Fitness affected your life?

Working out at ECHF has taken away the constant aches and pains in my back and knees that I had become used to for years. I had assumed it was normal and just part of getting old. Achieving greater mobility, flexibility, endurance, and strength have all helped to make me feel physically younger.

What’s your favorite ECHF memory so far?

Definitely being part of a team and competing in the Crossfit Games this year. The overall atmosphere of the gym on those competition days was amazing and pushed me well beyond my expectations. The final ECHF competition was a lot of fun, even with the incredibly painful biking sprints at the end!

In 1 word, summarize your ECHF experience.


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