My wife and I just spent a weekend with 250 other gym owners at a conference focused on sharing and learning from successful gym owners and each other.

The impact this group of people is having on the world is awesome. There were owners from Europe, Canada, Australia, and all over the USA. I estimate that combined, this group has improved the health and fitness of at least 50,000 people in the last year alone.

We’ve been a member of this group for almost 3 years and we’ve learned so much about how to best help the people in our community. We aren’t perfect and we will always be learning. That’s exactly why we need this group.

Besides the information we get from sharing and talking through ideas with other members, we have business mentors that we work with one-on-one.

There are a handful of experienced gym owners who have worked through many of the issues that we are facing and figured out how to handle them. They learned how to improve their processes, get in the right mindset, lead their staff, be an example to their members, and create opportunities for everyone around them to be better.

They run gyms that are effective tools for helping people gain their freedom through living healthy lives and having fitness that allows them to express themselves any way they want. They have the freedom to use their gyms as launching pads to expand their effect to other kinds of efforts like corporate wellness, sobriety and rehab programs, and helping people with autism or brain conditions live more active lives.

We know we’re going to make mistakes. Without this resource and the consistent feedback, the mistakes we make would be bigger, cost us more, hold our members back, and take longer to recover from than anything we may do with the support of our mentor and peers.

Our Vision is people living their lives to the fullest expression of their physical abilities for as long as possible.

This is bigger than anything we can do in just our gym. We have a mission that extends beyond the walls of any one building.

We hope that your goals take you beyond the walls of the gym as well. We don’t want you in the gym for the sake of being good in the gym. Our goal is to help you get better so you can grow beyond the gym and enjoy all the wonderful things the world has to offer.

We want you to be active and fit for the rest of your life and we know it’s going to be a process.

Just like the process we’re going through, your growth can have ups and downs. You’ll make progress and you’ll make mistakes. You may not eat properly, rest enough, or modify your workouts to get the best effect. You’re going to do things that will hold you back from achieving your goals.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have someone who has made all the mistakes already show you the way.

In a growth environment, you’ll have other people going through the process with you. It is so amazing to have other people that you can share with and learn from. You will become a better version of you by participating in that process.

Having coaches and a program that does the work of planning your progress for you is a super important time saver in just figuring out what to do and in not making the big mistakes that will cost you precious time.

Learning from someone else’s mistakes is a really good shortcut to your success. Don’t miss the opportunity to be more awesome.

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