How often do we think of the long term benefits of movement and exercise?  I mean the really long term benefits, like lengthening your lifespan benefits!  Without movement we (or anything living-including plant life) we deteriorate.  Now that may sound a little on the morbid side, but it’s reality.  The leaves that I sweep up and vacuum weekly from the box floor were once living but have now deteriorated and can no longer cling to the branches and limbs they once were affixed to while living.  Our bodies can slowly or quickly deteriorate as well-unless exercise and movement are a part of our daily or weekly routine.

Having a regular exercise program helps our life expectancy increase by strengthening the muscles and bones which can help reduce the risk of falling when we get older.  Toxins get flushed out of the tissues, circulation of blood to the tissues increases, and stagnant energy and emotions can be cleared.   All of these things combined can help us live longer by reducing risks for illness and disease.  There are links to having a regular exercise routine and the decreased chance of Alzheimer’s.  Exercise not only helps us stay healthy in the physical body, but also it helps our brain and mental capacity stay sharp and strong!

One of my long term goals is to be able to continue with an active lifestyle well into my 80’s!!