March 2017 | Tom Dedinas – 37 years old


What is your sports/fitness background? 
I grew up playing basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, and Track & Field (Pole Vaulted)
What are your fitness goals? To feel good, stay motivated, Complete 1 strict pull up & string together 2 double- unders.  I’ve also been tracking my diet, and using a lot of the 21DSD tips in my daily routine in effort to build muscle and lose fat.
What do you see as your greatest improvement? 
My technique in almost every workout.  I’m also much more flexible.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout? 
Grace.  Anything with running or burpees.

How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?  
I came to PCR toward the end of June ’16.  I was tired and felt like I fell deep into the “Dad Bod” dilemma, and having two “littles” I want to set a good example for them to see their dad taking care of himself.  Joining PCR helped me in more ways than I can think about, however the support and feeling of community with everyone makes it a great environment for someone who hasn’t been taking care of themselves to change.  My children now criticize my squats and tell me I’m not getting deep enough, and they truly enjoy coming to the box on days that my schedule allows to observe and cheer me on.

What’s your favorite PCR memory so far? 
Being convinced to come in for a “partner” workout on a Saturday morning by a few from the 5:30 am crew, to find myself asking Wade to be my partner and then watching him run circles around me throughout, all while those 5:30am crew members laughed at me from a distance…

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