I wanted to share with you the exciting improvements we’re making to our training template starting in March. As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of a set training template, and with the Conjugate Method we have the ability to ensure proper recovery, decrease the risk of injury and overtraining, and find balance with the delivery of intensity. I also want to to ensure the majority of our athletes are getting what they need to be successful, regardless of which days they decide to train.

Overall we’re adding a little more strength and power work, just doing things on different days now. The one thing we’ve been inconsistent about is Dynamic Power work for the upper body movements. We’ll now have that regularly.

The New and Improved Template

– Max Effort Lower Body Movement
– Anaerobic Alactic or Anaerobic Lactic (Shorter, heavier work sets)
– Accessory Work

– Max Effort Upper Variation
– Aerobic Power Work (Medium/Light weight, medium to long work sets) or General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Based
– Accessory Work

– Low Skill GPP Work or Special Exercise Work
– Skill Development Work
– Aerobic Power (Medium/Light weight, medium to long work sets)

– Dynamic Effort Lower Body (Medium to heavy, Speed)
– Anaerobic Lactic (Shorter, heavier work sets) or GPP Based
– Accessory Work

– Dynamic Effort Upper Body (Medium to heavy, Speed)
– Aerobic Power Work (Medium/Light weight, medium to long work sets)
– Accessory Work

– Partner Conditioning Piece (Energy system will vary)

The best thing about programming is that it is constantly evolving as we gain new data and information. I’m confident that this approach will still give us the great results we’ve consistently seen, and allow for more of you to progress faster.

In case you haven’t seen how we build our training template, here is a video that explains the reasons our program is so effective at helping people from all backgrounds make gains, see increased fat loss, more muscle development, and overall improvements in fitness.