Low impact, yoga-inspired, movement training for everyday life

We created Move Fusion to bridge the gap between yoga style training and high-intensity interval training. Now you can get the benefits of both. We believe that you should be able to move your body without pain and discomfort. We believe that improving your ability to move, will increase your ability to enjoy life and get the most out it. Move Fusion will help how you feel, reduce pain, and enjoy more things every day.

  • Injury Prevention – Improve your core strength and learn proper movement
  • Post Rehab – Get back in the game after an injury. Live your life better than you did before.
  • Improve Energy – Being active will improve how your body uses energy and help you stay active longer
  • Improved recovery – Combined with your fitness routine Move Fusion will help you feel better, faster, after your workouts
  • Speed up your fitness – improved flexibility, and stability enhances the effect of the other fitness activities you do.
  • Move at your speed – Move Fusion is a low-impact program designed to help you improve from where you are.

Move Fusion helps keeps me moving-literally!  I have a desk job and find myself sitting for long periods some work days.   I really feel the benefits from the movements that focus on the hip joints!  I appreciate Coach Mary as she walks us through all the movements and encourages us every step of the way!!!!

Nancy L.


I loved it. Felt really good after our sessions. I am finding out that Move Fusion is actually a  better fit for me at age 64….my mind wants to do more but my body tells me other wise. I need to continue the stretching and building strength in my core. Actually I have decided to come back next month! Thanks Mary!”

Jane H.

Improve your mind - body connection


Somatic Movement enhances human function and body-mind integration through mindful movement. It encompasses distinct disciplines each with their own educational or therapeutic emphasis, principles, methods and techniques.

Somatic Movement incorporates postural and movement evaluation; experiential anatomy; and movement patterning that increases efficiency, while refining perceptual, kinesthetic and proprioceptive sensitivity. Somatic Movement Education and Therapy supports homeostasis, co-regulation and neuro-plasticity in our students and clients.


Be more flexible. Move Fusion will improve your ability to reach, bend, lean, sit, kneel, and move your body in all the ways it was meant to. 

As you increase your flexibility, you will feel better have less discomfort in your shoulders, lower back, and knees.

Having good flexibility means you can move without restrictions and limitation. This should be a goal of any fitness program.


This is all about getting into positions properly, and being able to perform movements without hurting yourself. Stability is what helps you lift, pull, hold, and move things without over-exerting yourself, or getting hurt. 

Our bodies, bones, muscles, and ligaments are built to move, turn, flex, and stretch in very specific ways for each movement we perform.

Improving your stability in each position greatly reduces your risk for injury in the short term or over time.


What good is being flexible or having great stability if you can’t get into proper position under a load? Functional strength brings everything together by enabling the application of the first two aspects in real life situations

We don’t move in a vacuum. being able to squat, bend, kneel, lift, pull, etc… only matters if we can do it while carrying, holding, lifting….objects that have their own weight.

Improving your strength is the only way to take the movements you do every day and make them help you more than hurt you.

“As someone who is out of shape I can attest to how much this well-balanced workout style is perfect for jump-starting a renewed exercise routine or adding into any program you are currently doing. It’s a wonderful combination of warm-up stretching exercises with bouts of intense but low-impact activity followed up with more stretching so you don’t hurt afterward. The pace was perfect. A lot of times in an hour-long class I’m watching the clock and looking forward to it being done, but this one seemed to be finished before I realized it. It’s the way the class has both a relaxed pace but also combines heart rate increasing exercises at intervals that make you feel like you had a great overall workout but didn’t totally break yourself doing it. I felt great after these classes and my body felt better for doing it. It’s the perfect routine, I love it!”

Jesse F.