Starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating. Especially when it’s based on you having to learn something new and workout with a bunch of people you don’t know.

You may be concerned that you aren’t in enough shape to workout with a group of people. Maybe they’ve been doing it longer than you. Maybe they will get upset because you take longer to do the workouts. What if they make you feel bad because you’re so out of shape?

Stop right there.

Every single person in that class has had the exact same thoughts, but they came in anyways. Your health, and ability to enjoy life is immensely important. It’s time to stop feeding into fear, and take some steps forward in a positive direction.

Here are 4 reasons you can workout with a group of people and not be afraid.

  1. You’re joining a group of people who are all in the group to improve their fitness…. By definition, that means they are Just. Like. You. What’s there to be worried about? No one cares what you’re background is or how fit you are walking in the door. Would you judge someone who was working hard to get in shape just like you? ….exactly.
  2. The whole reason the program exists is to help people get in shape…. Again, this means it’s for people that are not in shape… You don’t need to get in shape to go to a class to get in shape… ya that just doesn’t sound right does it?
  3. Ask yourself why do people go to group classes? If being judged is what you expect to happen, why do so many people go to these things? One answer…. It’s just the opposite! Group exercise classes are about support, shared experiences, and the ability to find motivation in the effort and enthusiasm of others.
  4. In a good group exercise program, you have a coach who is there to encourage, motivate, teach, and maintain your ability to get the most out of the experience. You aren’t left to your own devices to figure things out. It’s a guided process that helps everyone stay on the same sheet of music and work together as a team.
  5. BONUS: Seriously, it’s more fun when you have other people to do this stuff with. Doing anything by yourself after a while gets really boring and when you dress up in a costume working out by yourself, that’s just a little strange…;-)

Everyone comes to us from a different place in their life. They have different exposure to fitness and exercise activities. They all have one goal to improve and get more healthy. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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