The one thing that no one wants to tell you.

I see it every day. Someone who wants to get into shape, work on their fitness, feel better, and enjoy their life a little more.

I see people come into the gym and spend the time looking into fitness programs or nutrition counseling.

Too often these same people, who very much want to get more fit, aren’t willing to make a change.

As a gym owner, it’s hard watching people who are so close to making a dramatic positive change in their life, walk away because they don’t understand the most important part of the process.

It’s hard to tell someone that in order to get where they want to be, some things in their life are going to have to change.

Change is the thing no one likes to talk about.

It can be difficult to tell someone that in order to fit a program into their schedule, they need to change their schedule.

Telling someone they need to stop drinking alcohol every night isn’t easy.

Asking someone if they’d rather pay medical bills for treating diabetes, or start a fitness and nutrition program to prevent diabetes, can be a challenging discussion.

Change is hard. As a fitness professional, it’s sad to see so many people living their lives in pain, weakness, lethargy, and disease because they don’t understand that the power to change is in their hands.

We’ve grown so accustomed to everything being made easy for us, that in many ways we don’t know how to handle change or even how to make it happen for ourselves.

This is just a reminder. You’re not going to get in shape or improve your health unless you change what you’re doing right now.

There’s a saying that I heard a long time ago.

If you like where you are right now, keep doing what you’ve been doing to get there”

You absolutely cannot expect to see anything change in your life until you change how you think and what you do.

Your fitness and health are 100% up to you. Excuses won’t get you there. At some point in time, you just have to suck it up and make the hard decision to do something about it.

Change your schedule around if you have to. Look at what free time you have or other activities you’re doing that could be used for something to help you get better

Re-allocate money to pay for a program. Do you need all those premium cable channels? Do you have to spend that money going out to eat for lunch everyday or could you save money by making your own food?

We can’t help you until you decide to help yourself.

All the tools for you to be successful are right here. We have the expertise to help you reach your goals. All you have to do is be willing to change.