Do you have goals? Is your health and fitness important to you? Have you been looking for a place you can get help?

There are a ton of gyms, training studios, group exercise programs, personal trainers, and who knows what else out there that all promise they can help you.

They can help, You. You are special. Your goals are important. You have needs that should not be discounted. You are not a commodity.

A commodity is something that is so common, and in abundance, it is no longer special, and the only value difference between one item and another is the subjective value placed on it.

Does this sound like you? Are you just one of an innumerable amount of people that have no more a specific goal or desire than any other person?

I think not.

Your goals are different, your desire is different, your circumstances, background, and reason for caring about your fitness is unique to you. Your dream is special.

Why do so many fitness services want to discount your special-ness? Are you looking for just any old program that you can find? If your goals are specific and special to you, what possible appeal could there be in a service that discounts 75% of it’s value to get anyone in the door?

The product or service that is built to help individuals succeed is not going to discount your value or the value it can provide to you.

A commodity is valued on price and features. Cars today are all pretty much the same. How do you evaluate the car you buy,..price and features? When you’re looking for a car there isn’t usually much more that goes into the equation.

Is your health and fitness like buying a car, or is it more like ordering a custom vehicle from a high end manufacturer like Tesla? You know exactly what you want, there is no competition on price because no one else can provide the quality and specific solutions for what you need. Tesla does not compete with other commodities because they don’t assume their customers are just like everyone else.

When you look for a solution to help you meet your health and fitness goals, look for value based on results, individual solutions, and being treated like you are special.

If a service provider doesn’t value their own service enough to treat it like it’s special, how will they treat you? Just something to think about.