What is your sports/fitness background?​ I’ve always been active in sports – played ice hockey in HS and college (intramural), tennis since I was 17​, plus I coach youth tennis and baseball (high school age)

What are your fitness goals?​ Ultimately my main fitness goals are to be able to maintain an active, athletic lifestyle, with more strength, stamina, and injury resistance.​

What do you see as your greatest improvement?​ That’s a tough question since I’ve seen so many improvements! I would have to say my greatest improvement is in my overall strength​. The weights I’m able to move are far beyond what I was capable of prior to CrossFit.

What is your favorite and least favorite workout?​ My favorite workout usually consists of a mix of strength and stamina – I like circuit style workouts for time or AMRAPs that involve some kind of barbell work combined with cardio. Least favorite would be ​any workout where I have to scale too much in order to complete…or anything with a lot of running!

How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?​ Well my clothes fit better and I look better in them! I have more energy throughout the day, and I sleep better. I’ve met and become friends with some terrific people at PCR – and it’s great to workout with so many like-minded athletes.

What’s your favorite PCR memory so far?​ Competing in the Open / PCR Intramural​ competition. That was a blast!

In 1 word, summarize your PCR experience.​ ​Energizing!

When I decided to try CrossFit back in December 2016, I walked into CrossFit PCR with a problematic left shoulder. I was suffering from what had been diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis, otherwise known as frozen shoulder. This condition had troubled me for the better part of a year, and in fact had kept me from pursuing any serious fitness training for many months. My range of motion was very limited, and if I moved the wrong way, it was intensely painful.

While doing foundations with Jamie, she noted my limitations, and worked up modifications and scaled movements that would allow me to participate in the workouts without aggravating my shoulder injury. After a few weeks of doing CrossFit 3x week, my shoulder was really sore, although my range of motion had begun to improve. I spoke with Bronson, who referred me to Dr. William Jones at Morrison Chiropractic in Clarksville, MD. I had never used the services of a chiropractor, so was a bit skeptical, but I was also willing to try anything to recover my shoulder mobility and reduce my pain.

Dr. Jones treated me with dry needling and Graston technique massage to break up the adhesions in my shoulder. Combined with physical therapy done at Dr. Jones’ office, and using the Crossover Symmetry bands in the loft at CrossFit PCR before every workout, I started to feel some real relief. After about four weeks of chiropractic care and physical therapy, my shoulder felt significantly better. I was finally able to get a barbell on my back to do back squats, and was able to do overhead presses again! Within another few weeks I was able to get on the pull-up bar and do pull-ups, and knee raises with the active shoulder ‘kipping’ technique.

Now, almost six months after joining CrossFit PCR, my shoulder is feeling great. I still have some residual range of motion issues but the improvement has been nothing short of amazing. There isn’t a single CrossFit movement that I can’t perform due to my shoulder.

I owe this recovery to several factors: 1) The expert care of Dr. Jones at Morrison Chiropractic; 2) Using the Crossover Symmetry ‘activation’ program prior to every workout; and finally, 3) the support and guidance of my CrossFit PCR coaches that were always watching me and helping me with scaled movements.

The moral here is that you CAN do CrossFit, even if you have a nagging injury. In fact, I think forcing myself to workout – even with heavily modified movements – aided in my recovery.