I spend most of my time helping or thinking of ways to help people improve their health and fitness. When I see someone that is living an unhealthy lifestyle I get a yearning to help them get better.

But I don’t.

This letter goes out to all the people that have found the joy, self-satisfaction, confidence, and happiness that working on your fitness offers.

Why don’t I reach out to help? If my purpose in life is to work with people to improve their lives why do I leave people behind?

…..because my purpose in life is to work WITH people to help them improve their lives, I end up having to leave some people behind.

It royally sucks.

You’ve been there. You were out of shape, maybe you still are but you’re making changes and getting excited about what lies around the corner.

Here’s the thing. In all your excitement and enthusiasm about this new adventure you’re on, you may have to leave some people behind too.

Not everyone will want to hear about your workout today, or how amazing that new 21 Day Sugar Detox approved chicken recipe tasted. They don’t care and the more you talk about, the less they want to hear about it.

Think about it this way, how long were you in a bad place before you made the decision to change your life? Many of the people you know are still in that same place and don’t want to be reminded of it.

In the past, I’ve tried to help people first. I didn’t think to ask if they wanted my help. Things didn’t go well. Now, I work to know where someone is in their journey and if they are looking for help or not. It’s one of the thought processes we’ve established at our gym. We want to work with people who want the help we have to offer.

The work we do is a two-way street and if only one side is doing anything then it’s a negative experience for both and that doesn’t help anyone.

The same goes for you and the people you care about. The number one thing you can do to support those around you who aren’t ready yet, .. just do you.

All the things we tell you to do in order to improve your fitness will serve as an example and a “how to” guide to those around you. You don’t need to tell them if you show them.

Your energy and the changes in your mental well-being, physical ability, and overall appearance will be testimony enough to the benefits of what you’re doing.

Just like we publish videos, post to social media, and share our member’s stories as often as possible, you can be a constant showcase of the positive effects of living a healthy lifestyle. You won’t get clicks or likes every time you do something, but keep pushing, for yourself and for those people watching you.

Closed doors are not easy to walk through. If you feel like you’re trying to bang a door down and getting frustrated because they “just don’t get it”, maybe it’s time step back and wait for them to want it whether they get it or not.

If you’re patient and listen carefully to what your friends and family are asking for, you will find some open doors that you can walk through to provide help and direction. Truly caring for someone and offering authentic help, means meeting them on their terms and offering them the help they need to improve.

As long as we’re still moving forward, we never really leave anyone behind, we’re just leading the way.

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