If you’ve been around a CrossFit gym for any period of time you’ve probably heard someone talking about making a trip to their Physical Therapist to get something worked on. Whether it’s an injury, an imbalance, a nagging pain, or whatever the issue, you’ve probably heard the phrase..”My PT loves CrossFit, it’s keeping them in business.”

In pretty much all of those cases, it’s used as a semi-humorous anecdote to relay the idea that people get hurt doing CrossFit and it’s just something you have to deal with. However, this sentiment also carries over to the extreme where people use these types of statements to demonstrate how unsafe and harmful CrossFit is (It isn’t by the way).

There are a few things going on that we’ll discuss, but I want to make something clear first.

If a CrossFit gym is doing its job correctly, it will be sending people to Physical Therapists to get worked on……..Hold that thought

CrossFit can be scary, especially to people that have not been exposed to or taken the time to understand the science behind the program or the methodology behind the training. All most people see is what’s on ESPN and YouTube, and that for sure is not something very relatable to the average Joe and Jane

Let’s be upfront and get the facts out of the way. Yes, you can get hurt doing CrossFit. You can and are even more likely to get hurt if you are an avid runner, biker, or play a ball sport like soccer. There is an inherent level of risk with any activity you do regularly. The reason we accept those risks is that they are meant to improve our lives, prevent illness, enable freedom, and increase our ability to live more fully.

If you want more details, go to our past blog with all the numbers HERE

Outside of the natural risks we assume when we take action to get in shape, there is something else that happens. Keep in mind, it happens to EVERYONE at some point.

As we work on increasing strength, improving endurance, and developing our metabolic conditioning, our bodies start to do things they’ve never done before. We start to use muscles that are weak, put our bodies in positions it’s not used to, and add stress to systems that haven’t been stressed in a while or maybe never.

A good CrossFit gym will slowly bring someone into varying levels of intensity to minimize the effect all these changes have on that individual’s body. In most cases, at some point, something will come up that needs extra attention.

A good CrossFit gym will have systems in place to identify issues early and help clients work through them while getting the benefit of the training program. Sometimes that’s still not enough and a referral to more specialized treatment is required.

This is where we go back to my initial statement. If a CrossFit gym is doing its job correctly, it will be sending people to Physical Therapists to get worked on. This includes Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Mental Health Specialists, and more.

The job and responsibility of a CrossFit gym is to provide people with a plan to improve their health. That means more than just walking in the door and doing a workout. This means working with people to get to the root of why they have issues and helping them fix those problems.

There are so many people that have core movement issues, weakness, range of motion issues, and muscular imbalances, that it’s almost impossible to not refer someone to a Physical Therapist at some point in their engagement with a good CrossFit gym.

At Ellicott City Health and Fitness we have good relationships with several specialists in the area. We refer people all the time. Not because they’ve been hurt but to KEEP THEM FROM GETTING HURT. The reason we’ve been so successful helping people with past injury history recover and improve is because of our willingness to get them help where they need it.

We want to keep PT’s in business, we need them to help us accomplish our mission to improve people’s health.

We’ve made available a 5 step guide that you can use to find a program that can help you make all these improvements. Go here to DOWNLOAD it now.