One of the first questions we ask people when they come to us is, “What are your goals?”

Most people don’t have a solid answer.

It’s amazing how much of an industry there is for fitness with no emphasis on educating people on setting goals for themselves.

Without getting too high on my soapbox, the fitness industry doesn’t want people to have real goals because them people would realize that the majority of products and programs out there are worthless.

By keeping people focused on how they look, the industry can offer short-term hooks that keep people coming back or trying new things without being able to maintain anything on their own.

In contrast, true health and fitness programs are built to educate and define real fitness goals, based on data that can be objectively verified.

The basis for an effective fitness program is performance. What can someone do now that they couldn’t do before they started the program? Are they stronger, faster, can they work for longer, or do more complex things?

There are many different ways to test improvement and growth. The key is that growth has to be tested. If a program doesn’t have testing built in then it’s not a true fitness program. It’s a waste of time that will suck the life out of people, keep them stuck in a never-ending loop of subpar health, and ultimately leave them worse for the wear.

How do you find a goal?

Find out where you are now. There are several ways to do that. You can get a Functional Movement Screen © that will tell you a lot about your basic range of motion, mobility, and movement ability. You can take an InBody © Body Composition Scan to find out how much muscle you have, your body fat %, and how much fuel your body needs every day. You can do a functional strength test like this. 

Everyone should be able to pass this test.


There are other tests or movement reviews out there. The idea is that you walk away with some data that you can use to determine a goal or have a way to evaluate if the program you’re currently in is actually making you more fit.

So many people out there are following programs that may get them off the couch but aren’t benefiting them in the long term.

The only way you’ll know if your program is working for you is if you test yourself regularly. Do you know how much body fat you had 6 months ago? Can you do everything in the Functional Strength Test? If not, how will your program get you there?

Once you start setting some goals, you’ll start to see where your program may need to change if you really want to get to those goals.

We’ve made available a 5 step guide that you can use to find a program that can help you make all these improvements. Go here to DOWNLOAD it now.