Rest is good. Sometimes you need more.

September 14, 2016 by Bronson Dant

You decide to go camping. It’s been awhile, like years, since the last time you went. You get your gear packed up and head out to the hills.

Once you get there you find the best spot to build your camp. You pull out your tent and start to set up. Man, this thing is dusty!
The stakes go in the ground easily enough, and the base of the tent looks good. As you raise it, you notice one of the loops where a stake is attached stretching out a little more than expected. No big deal, it’ll hold.

The tent is up. Wait, how come the door won’t zip closed all the way? As you yank on the zipper to keep the bugs out you watch as the seam starts to pull out. Crap.

You managed to re-adjust the tent a little to take some stress off the zipper. Now you are ready for a nice peaceful evening. Until it starts to rain and you realize that the waterproof tent you had 10 years ago, isn’t quite so “proof” anymore.

Do you see where this is going?

Whether you just started a workout routine, or you’ve been exercising for a year, your body is like the tent. There are things you are asking it to do that it’s not used to doing. This is a good thing. It creates growth and helps you get better each day.

It will also identify things about your body that you may have never known were an issue. We call those things “structural imbalances” or “movement dysfunction”.

When you start doing new movements and trying new things, your body may not engage the right muscles, move at the right angles, and over-compensate with other body mechanics. Initially, this is not a problem. As you get acclimated, you learn the proper techniques, and your coaches help you along the way.

Sometimes these imbalances can cause irritations and discomfort. Commonly referred to as tendinitis, shoulder impingement, or a “pull”. The most common way to find RELIEF for these issues is rest. That is not always the best way to FIX them, however. Rest is great for feeling better. Learning what is causing the issue and how you can fix it is the BETTER option.

We as coaches can give you general guidance on dealing with the common aches and pains of being an active person who is engaged in a high-intensity program. We have partnerships with other health professionals that can help you truly address the movement dysfunction or imbalances in your body that are not only causing discomfort but also keeping you from performing at your best.

We want you to be the best you can be. Sometimes that means doing things at home on your own time. Other times it means taking care of the little behind the scenes things that only a very specialized professional can help you with.

We want you functioning properly and feeling good for years and years and years. Take care of yourself. Listen to your body. When it’s telling you something is wrong, fix it. We have access to some very good, very effective specialists. If you have any of these nagging aches and pains, let us know. We can get you in touch with them.

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