September 2016 | Betty Lachman – 49 years old


What is your sports/fitness background?

I have always been a hard core Tom Boy playing neighbor sports but it wasn’t until High School that I joined the Indoor, Outdoor Track and CrossCountry Team.
What are your fitness goals?

First, to always strive to be better. l feel you can always improve yourself,age is only a number. Second, to look and feel as good as I can.
What do you see as your greatest improvement?

My greatest improvement has to be my confidence level. Starting a little late in life was intimidating.
What is your favorite and least favorite workout?

Partner workouts are my favorite, it is always fun to share the WOD with a friend. Least has to be over head snatch. My shoulders are still learning how to bend back that far.
How has your experience at CrossFit PCR affected your life?

Crossfit has added a new level to my life. I am eating healthier feeling better and getting stronger.
What’s your favorite PCR memory so far?

Best memory so far would be the Crossfit Open Games. So much fun to see everyone come together and work so hard to do their best.
In 1 word, summarize your PCR experience.


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