September 2017 – Erin and Joe Bowman

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What’s your sports/fitness background?

  • Joe – I ran track and cross country in high school and college and still love to run.
  • Erin – I was active in high school and college and always enjoyed exercise. Before kids, Joe and I would often run together but now, it’s really hard to find opportunities to workout together – which is one of the reasons we love PCR.

What are your Fitness goals?

Crossfit was completely new for both of us so we still feel like beginners some days. We want to continue to improve our form and technique as we gain more strength. Crossfit isn’t something that necessarily gets easier – we love that each workout continues to challenge us.

  • Joe – I want to consistently run a 5k again in less than 20 minutes. I was also able to do my first strict pullup and want to continue improving them.
  • Erin – I’m looking forward to being able to do more of the skill work like consistent double unders. Next year, I’m hoping to be able to complete all of the open workouts (scaled). Last year, some of the scaled weights/movements were too heavy for me.
  • Both – We want to continue to improve Murph and hope to be able to do at least parts of it RX one day!

What do you see as your greatest improvement?

Both of us are proud of gaining more upper body strength and endurance, which helps in the workouts but we also notice a difference in our day to day life and activities.

  • Joe – With more strength, I have had less pain in my neck and shoulders. My runs are faster and I have more energy throughout the day.
  • Erin – I recently hiked a mountain in Alaska that I wouldn’t have attempted before Crossfit. And, I’ve noticed that everyday activities are much easier. I travel often for work and can now easily store my heavy carry-on luggage without asking a stranger for help. I can easily carry my 10 year old son upstairs when he has fallen asleep. It’s the small things that having more energy with my kids after a long day that mean more to me than being able to bench press a certain weight.

Favorite memory

  • Joe – I really like the hero workouts when everyone comes together for an intense workout that focuses on honoring a fallen hero. These workouts push you to your limits and it’s awesome to have a community there working together.
  • Erin – some of my favorite memories are from the Crossfit Open. I remember three different experiences during the open where I wanted to quit mid-workout. I was exhausted and it certainly would have been easier to rest for a few minutes. Perhaps it was the look on my face, but each time I was debating whether I had another burpee, wall ball or jumping pullup left in me, there was a member right there beside me to encourage me to keep going. And, sometimes that’s all it takes to do something that you otherwise thought was impossible.

Experience affected your life:

  • Erin and Joe – It’s been great to share this experience as a family. It’s definitely a juggling act finding time to get to PCR 3-4 times a week between work and kids activities. The PCR staff and members make our family feel welcome and the schedule fits around our busy life. Often, the kids have just as much fun as we do and we love setting a positive example for them.

Favorite workout

  • We love partner workouts! Our strength and weaknesses balance each other out nicely and our engineering brains love decomposing the workout and trying to figure out how to optimize the movements. We both like AMRAPs.
    As far as specific exercises:
  • Erin – murph, dumbbell snatch, burpees
  • Joe – running (of course:), sled push, tire flipping

Least favorite:

  • Erin – just about anything with a barbell, especially thrusters
  • Joe – burpees, rowing, snatches

Summarize your PCR experience in one word:



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