Every single person that comes to us is looking for it. Some want to change their body, others their ability to do things, and still others just want to change how they feel physically or mentally.

In order to make that change, each person has to make a conscious decision to take different actions than they have up to this point. Whatever they’ve been doing up to now has gotten them to where they are, but isn’t getting them any further.

If a woman who goes to body pump, and yoga, and takes walks several days a week is looking for more strength, fat loss, and increased bone density; walks in our door, we’ll give her a solution to meet that goal. It is assumed that the current routine isn’t getting the job done. There has to be a change and a new routine needs to be created.

When an endurance athlete comes to us and needs off season or supplemental training. There is a default expectation that something new is going to happen. There is going to be a change in the actions, frequency, and type of work that athlete is going to do.

When we work with the computer engineer who used to play lacrosse in college but now has a “dad bod” and experiences lower back pain or has chronic shoulder issues, we put them on a program to improve general fitness, and increase the ability to move without pain. Eating habits and activity levels must change in order for the plan to be effective.

We know it’s not easy

Change is hard. Everything about the human condition is geared towards routine, consistency, and homeostasis (nothing changing).

The ability to evaluate a situation and make the decision to change its outcome is what makes humans different from animals. We may have natural animal instincts but we have the ability to act outside of them.

At Ellicott City Health and Fitness we want to make your path to change as easy as possible. Here are 4 things we do to help you move in the right direction, no matter how difficult it may be.

  1. It’s all about you. The recommendations we give you and the plan we put in place is designed solely to help you meet your goals. You aren’t being shoved into a cookie cutter, one size fit’s all, paper mill fitness program. You will spend time with a coach one on one the very first time you walk in the door. Our goal is to get to know you and fit you with a fitness plan that will work the best for you.
  2. We don’t force anything. We take a long term approach to health and fitness. Our programs have flexible schedules, varied intensity, and everything is monitored by certified fitness professionals. You can move at your speed. Wherever you are coming from, whatever your background, the system can work with where you are right now.
  3. We keep it real. You get to work with real people. Our staff has a very large background in fitness and health. We have been in all kinds of situations, good and bad, ourselves. We can relate and we can help you through any tough situation you may have. Every member, regardless of what program they’re in, is part of our family. When you see someone at the gym, they are more than just another face. Our members help each other move, dog sit, watch each other’s kids, work for each other, work with each other, have drinks together, and support, encourage, and root for each other’s success.
  4. We celebrate every success. We take pride in how positive and uplifting our crew is. If you do something you’ve never done before, expect a high five, a shout out, and or a bell ringing in your honor. Nothing makes people feel good like sharing success with friends. You will become very good at 1. Accomplishing new things and 2. Being proud of it.

If you aren’t sure you can make the changes you need to make in order to reach your fitness goals, give us a call. Just tell us what you want to do and let’s see if we can help.