We all know that having a regular exercise program has many life-enhancing qualities.  Regular exercise has been proven to lower risks of disease and increase your quality of life.  But did you know that exercising in the ever so popular format of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can act as an anti-aging element?  I would not lie to you…before I get into the anti-aging aspect, lets first go over what HIIT is. It’s a style of training that consists of quick bursts of intense activity followed by rest periods.  For example, you could do a Tabata style HIIT which could consist of 20 seconds of sprints followed by 10 seconds of walking repeating for 8 rounds. Ok, back to that anti-aging bit… Research has shown that exercising can activate an anti-aging enzyme called telomerase.  HIIT increases telomerase as well as reducing p53 protein which contributes to premature aging and tumor suppression. All that is happening on a molecular level. The mitochondria help regulate metabolism and aerobic fitness. These little cells break down and deteriorate as we age, but keeping them healthy can help reverse the deterioration of the cells.  The health of our cells and of the entire body is dependant on healthy functioning mitochondria. HIIT can also increase the activity of the ribosomes, which builds the proteins we need to create muscle cells. These muscle cells are not easily replaced when they wear out, one reason as we age, we lose muscle mass.  That’s pretty amazing information!!  

In addition to changing DNA, other benefits of training in the HIIT format can include: firmer skin (which means less wrinkles-yaaassss!!!), increased energy, metabolism boost, improved muscle tone, and reduced body fat.  

Lisa has been participating in Move Fusion here at EC HEalth and Fitness (aka, The Happy Gym).  Move Fusion is a blend of somatic/therapeutic movement, HIIT, and yoga-inspired stretching combined into a 60-minute class. After participating in two different 4 and 5-week sessions of Move Fusion, Lisa had this to say about Move Fusion:

“Participating in both Bootcamp and Move Fusion was the perfect combination for feeling like I’m taking care of my body while protecting it from potential injury – not to mention allowing me to feel a little younger, too!  Move Fusion is great medicine for the body, not to mention a dose of goodness for the mind and soul as well.”  So, Lisa, now you have a little insight on why you are feeling (and looking) younger since adding Move Fusion into your fitness routine.  

Move Fusion has now be added to the schedule, permanently, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm.  We have membership packages and drop in fees. Here’s a little more info about Move Fusion https://echealthandfitness.com/move-fusion/

“It’s not a question of how old you are but a question of how you are old.” -Jules Renard

Happy Aging ~Coach Mary