Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is look at yourself in the mirror and try not to think about what your life used to be like.

Time waits for no man or woman, and life catches up with us all if we let it.

When we are in our 20’s we have arguably less responsibility, more vitality, and a generally brighter outlook on the life we have in front of us.

Somewhere along the way, responsibilities increase, families grow, feeling motivated and full of vigor becomes less a state of being and more of a surprising happenstance.

Along with these changes, we put less importance on our physical and mental health. We gain weight, sit on the couch more, engage in less physical activity and take less time for ourselves.

By the time we get to our mid 40’s, it’s hard to look at the person in the mirror with any amount of pride or satisfaction in what we’ve become.

It sucks but does it have to end there?

No. NO it doesn’t!

Feeling defeated is a real and deep-rooted response to not taking action. Being depressed about where you are physically is your mind’s reaction to your actual desire to make a change. When you have a negative reaction to seeing a picture of yourself on social media, it’s not because there’s no hope, it’s because you know deep down that you CAN do something about it, but for some reason, you haven’t yet.

Sit down and take a few minutes to ponder this question.

If you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you could get back to feeling and looking like you did 20 years ago, what would you be willing to give up to make it happen?

Really, 100%, results guaranteed, if you had nothing stopping you, what would you be willing to do?

Would you confront a fear of the unknown? Would you change your schedule to make time for exercise? Would you stop making excuses for why you can’t do it? Would you ask someone for help?

We’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. No one we’ve ever seen has made this decision and regretted it. The reward for taking your life back is absolutely incredible.

Don’t make any mistake. This discussion isn’t about starting an exercise program, eating right, or even improving your health.

It’s about taking control of your life. Grabbing your circumstances by the throat and making them work for you. It’s about empowering yourself to live the life that you want to live. No excuses. No limits. Total freedom to be who you want to be and live how you want to live.

Lose weight, feel better every day, fewer aches and pains, more energy, better moods, handle stress better, be happier. If this was you, what would your life be like?

It’s your choice.