If you haven’t heard about Move Fusion by now, I’ll give you the deets.  It’s a concept I’ve been passionate about for several years and never had the resources to really find a good outlet for it.  That was before coming to work at Ellicott City Health and Fitness!! I found a great audience that wanted (maybe even needed) the combination of somatic/therapeutic movement, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Yoga inspired stretching.  We’ve had two successful runs at ECHF and will be adding it back to the schedule in May. I had several new students take the last session of Move Fusion for the first time. It was a special 5-week recovery session. One of the newbies had this to say:

“As the weeks went on I found myself really looking forward to the class not only for the stretching, but the physical work out.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and the calmness that was the class.” ~Cory

One thing that is unique about Move Fusion, is that other than the HIIT, the movements are performed slowly and mindfully.  One reason is to connect with your body and see where it may be getting “hung up” or where there is stiffness or chronic pain and work on reducing those sensations.  A lot of the somatics and therapeutic movements are done to help retrain the brain to muscle connection, something that cannot be done in a quick movement with no focus.  Slowing things down can bring a sense of calmness to us, physically and mentally. This is a great way to train the brain to go from a calm quiet state to a slightly more intense state, and back to a calm state.  This pattern might memic the state you are in during your daily lives. Waking up refreshed (hopefully) and then a little crazy here and there throughout the day, and then at the end of the day practicing a little quiet and calm (hopefully).  If not, this may be a great time to start thinking about bringing more calmness into your day on purpose.

Our lives aren’t always going to be perfect and our days will not always go as planned.  Having the ability to cope with the ups and downs is a great tool to have and utilize. Taking time to rest, meditate, or just practicing quietness can have some profound affects, not only on us but on the people we spend the most time with.  Some benefits of finding a little more quiet time, stillness, meditation (whatever you want to call it) are; reduction of stress, lowered symptoms of anxiety, improved emotional health, self awareness, improved attention span, improved brain functions, improves sleep, and can decrease blood pressure, just to name a few.   In Move Fusion, I try to end the class with some relaxing movement or with stillness. We often take breaks during class to take an inventory of what we may be feeling or experiencing. I like do this because it feels good to the participants and it’s a great tool to incorporate into our daily lives. Not necessarily stopping to do take inventory of what we are feeling, but to stop and take breathes every so often when things start getting hectic and eventually doing the same practice when things are going as planned.  It’s nice to notice all the great things in our lives instead of always focusing on the negative.

I’m offering a free Move Fusion class at Lululemon in the Columbia Mall on Sunday, April 29th.  Please come join us, I’d love to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones!

~Coach Mary