During our conference last week, one of the speakers said: “No one cares about your community, your services, or your coaching if they can’t connect any of that to their why.”

It’s hard to remember that sometimes. We spend so much time building a program, we forget to talk about why we’re building anything in the first place. We want to help people.

We tend to talk about all the things we have to offer, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Personal Training, Nutrition Services, Progress Tracking, Coaching, Great Members, etc… that we don’t talk about what’s really important,…

…what you need

We can’t help you if we don’t listen to what you need and what you want to get out of joining a fitness program. The most important thing we can do is help you find a solution to whatever problem or result you are looking for.

We’ve adjusted our processes to include coach mentoring during your first 90 days and beyond. We want to give you all the support you need, not just in classes or through our member’s online training, but with one-on-one contact with someone who cares about your goals and wants to help you get better for years to come.

This is a small change but in some ways, it’s a really big one. We hope that we can increase your success and enjoyment by giving you more individual attention and support.

Whether you have been with us for 3+ years or are just walking in the door. Your goals are what keep us moving and growing. If you haven’t gotten a phone call, you will.

If you are looking for help and you aren’t sure where to go. I know there are so many options out there. Maybe we can help you.

Take the first step, come in and tell us what you want. We’ll help you figure out a way to make it happen. Let us help you. It’s what we do. https://echealthandfitness.com/no-sweat-intro